Saturday 29 October 2022


 A lovely gift for Rufus arrived today from Simples! Mind you I am not too sure if I will ever get any more parcels delivered after what was written on the box!!

They handed it over and rushed off back down the drive! I wondered why and now I know!!

Inside was a lovely Emma Bridgewater dog bowl for Rufus.

First, he was like " Four years I have been here and only now am I getting a bowl with my name on it!"

Then when I explained it was a gift from a big dog loving friend, he was much happier to pose with his new bowl.

Now they both have their names on their bowls. 

Many thanks to Simples for finally giving Rufus a EB bowl with his name on it, we won't mention it's second hand from a now departed dog or he could go right off me!  I just hope the cat cannot read...


  1. A special bowl for a special dog!

    1. He is but we don't tell him, he's one to bragging about it ;)

  2. Hi Sis! I had to do something to try and halt the flow of Sasha's to your door :)
    Glad Rufus likes his bowl...I was worried for a moment that you would use it for Paul :)
    Love to your four legged friends from mine xx

    1. Thanks, you are so kind! Lucky I cannot afford any more Sasha's.
      Would not use for Paul unless it said "in the dog house " ;) lol The boys say Woof to your dogs x