Tuesday 25 October 2022


 So the saying goes! And that is what it's been like here in the village! First, we had the waif that is now Charlie, who arrived but then refused to go along to take part as a raffle prize! He is still complaining about opening a door to a boy and then planning on shutting it! 

Then there was the unexpected mad fire sale to buy Josie, the red-haired NP lass, who suddenly came up for sale and captured my heart.

But in between these two, three if we count Margo's return, there was another doll I saw and took a shine to! I'd seen her on the Sasha bazaar for a while and kept going back to check on her to see if I really liked her as she was a re wigged and repainted Sasha.

The seller wanted to sell her along with a re wigged and repainted baby but would sell separately if necessary. Well, I kept checking and then her priced dropped! Which tipped me in favour of asking after the Sasha without the baby. Longish story short, I did get her, and she was on her way to me when I saw the NP red.

Before she arrived, I was thinking she may have to be in and out quicker than Charlie boy! But once she was here, I just loved her look, and since the fire sale was going well, she was saved!

She is by Kelly Wenarsky and part of a pair of "Play clothes " dolls, showing wear and tear on children's clothing when they play outside. Her official name is Payton but I will be calling her Maria.

She started life as an 80's Sasha.

And here she is wearing one of the new dresses I bought off Ginny at the Chat n Snap along with some Rosie Bloom shoes from the shoe drawer.

She just needs a ribbon to help control her hair and she's almost all set. She needs to be restrung. Her strings are too tight and have caused a bit of carving and at some time her body has been in a doll stand as there are a couple of marks. So, in the next few days, she'll be having an out of body experience and a torso hot dip, restring and then she'll be good to go!

So that's about four dolls in seven weeks! worse that the PM's office!!

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