Monday 10 October 2022


 For once I have started to redress the dolls into warmer clothing before Winters arrived and nearly over!

I was searching for something, so had several clothes boxes in the house when the heavens decided to open and fill the garden with much needed rain. An ideal time to start redressing dolls thought I!

I won't say how many got changed but one who did was Arabella, who is now wearing her winter outfit.

She agreed to come and have a few photos taken out in the folly.

She said it was a bit spooky in the castle! Kids!

"What's that noise?" 
"The leaves rustling in the wind" I say
" Mm " the sound of disbelief 

"What's that for? "
" Shooting arrows from "
" Mm why would we need to shoot arrows?"
"We don't it's a folly not a castle, it's for show"

" Does one shoot arrows from a folly?" Arabella asks
" Only if someone is trying to storm the place"
"Exactly!" Says Arabella smugly " A castle and a haunted one at that! I'm off"

and she was....

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