Sunday, 23 October 2022


 Well, it's surprising how it all comes together on the day. Although we had less people this year, due to some having to drop out due to illness etc. But those that did attend had the chance for a good old catch up and to make a few purchases. 

So starting with the sales tables, this was Jocelyn's, who was selling a few of her wonderful Sasha and Gregor collection.

a closer look at this couple.

next along was Lee who was sharing a table.

more of Lee's items.

on the other half of the table was Jane McL selling some beautiful homemade clothing. A new creator of Sasha clothing worth buying from.

more from Jane.

next up is another Jane's table, this one Woodward, with her love dolls food and knits

Jane's knits

more of Jane's.

Next up was Dolly Doodles table.

More Dolly Doodles.

the end of DD and onto Tricia's table.

Tricia's table

You can see Tricia's doll in her dresses. Another talented Sasha dressmaker.

a closer look

Next was another Jane's sales table, this time Jane Woodbridge.

more of Jane's.

Last but by no means least, was A Passion for Sasha, Ginny's sales table.

more from Ginny 

Alas a few who had booked table were among those who could not attend but still a very good mix of good to buy and tempt us.

I totally forgot to take photos of the raffle prizes! But the raffle made £400

The dolls on the Royalty display table.

Brilliant work done on outfits.

 The late Queen's piper..sob..

Below the dolls who attended

Love these twins of Leni's

So that's all my photos from the Chat n Snap. We have raised just over £700 for charity, not bad considering the times and attendance.

Next years will probably be the last. Tomorrow I will share photos of my new girl and my purchases.


  1. Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are welcome, just wish I'd remembered to take photos of the raffle prizes.