Tuesday, 18 October 2022



 Only at the weekend I mentioned a couple of dolls I suddenly had an itch to buy and one naturally suddenly appeared! So, I have been/ am on a mission to raise the funds to buy her.

I have had to sell a couple of dolls, that were not on the list for adoption, but needs must when the devil is driving.

No, I have not sold the lovely Martha, shown above, but I am selling her Karen W coat along with a few other treasures. Which you can see on the sales page.

Anything I don't sell on here I will take with me to the Chat n Snap where for once I actually booked a sales table! 

So, it will be a little quiet on here while I sort through what I can take to sell etc. I'm pleased to say that I have raised a big chunk of the money but it's always that last stretch that's the hardest!


  1. Aww! Martha will feel sorry about loosing that nice coat but also be proud to be the model to show it here. And she will understand, as we do, that everything has to be done when a doll calls for adoption! Hope she will arrive soon...

    1. I have ordered Martha a nice new navy cardigan to make up for losing her lovely coat. Hopefully the new girl will come back with me from the Chat n Snap..