Monday, 24 October 2022


 Well, you know I was gathering together the adoption fee for a doll last week and she was obviously meant to come home with me, as I raised her fee by Friday night! One week later after first seeing her! 

So here she is dressed as when I met her at the Chat n Snap.

It was just on the 16th that I said I'd quite like an NP doll! and almost before the blog was printed this girl appeared up for sale. There had been a few others before her that had appeared for sale, which may have been why I suddenly had a desire for one. But so amazing that this red head appeared when I had said it!

But even more so that I raised her adoption fee in a week! She came in the lovely Frances Trickett set you see her in above.

I even had a bit more luck, as all my finds were for the NP but I managed to sell a BJD doll body on Ebay while I was at the Chat n Snap which meant I could have a little spend up.

One of the first dresses I bought was this beautiful dress from Jane Mcluskie, whose been sewing while stuck indoors for several months.
It's got a sweet sailor collar and you can remove the inset panel across the front if you wish. I need to find her some socks and a cardigan and she'll be fine.

I went back near the end and bought another in pink.

I also had a little spend with Dolly Doodles, finally getting a Snoopy sweatshirt I've been after for ages and also this lovely reindeer sweatshirt and a Sasha outfit. And I didn't realise I'd gone down the red route!

My next spend was with Ginny of A Passion for Sasha, first asking her to hold onto the dress set on the right for me then going back near the end to get the other two items. I was sorely tempted by a shirt and pair of cords as well but managed to resist. 

and my last purchase was this dress from Lee's table, which I had not even noticed until the very end as it was the only thing sitting on it.

I didn't really get a chance to look at the other tables, which was a shame as I'm sure I could have found a few more things but on the other hand the NP purchase meant I didn't have a lot to spend.

I did find these two items on Dolly Doodles table that a friend asked me to get for them.

Which worked out quite well as it meant I hadn't spent as much as I thought!

I won this item in the raffle, my only win. All the top items had already been taken but funnily enough I'd seen this and thought it could be good as went straight to it.
Pleas are always so generous in donating raffle items and there are always some items that are worth buying a good number of tickets to try and nab.

Well, that is all I brought home with me, a small but select batch of goodies. Now I'm off to check out other people's photos in case I see something I need to enquire about lol


  1. What a wonderful shopping spree you had Sis! Your new girl is to die for <3

    1. I have to say I did enjoy myself ;) lol

  2. Congratulations Dee. She's a real beauty, and that dress is perfect for her.

    1. Thank you, I'm very happy I managed to get her :)