Sunday 19 February 2023


 And the sun is shinning! So it's not quite as cold as it could be and that sun makes all the difference to how the day feels. It's almost spring like, I can hear plenty of the birds chatting, so I think they are probably feeling the same.

A day like today does make you feel that everything is lovely and it will soon be warm enough to stop noticing the dog pushing open the back door and taking himself off out into the garden. Unlike at present when a freezing cold breeze suddenly makes temperature drop!

We have had quite a quiet week, Paul's recovering well from his op and pottering around doing some bits and pieces for me, one of which I'll share later in the week.

Today is Lauren, my eldest, birthday and she is off for a few days in Wales later in the week! I just hope the weather holds and it stays dry for her.

I tried to start on making the dolls house rug this week only to find I needed a proper tapestry stand for my frame, so that arrived and was all set up and I started, only to find that age is making it hard to see clearly where the holes are and the light is not good enough, even with all the lights on! After having to wait until daylight, which only seemed to help for a short while and having to constantly be unthreading stitches, I finally sent for a magnifying glass with light that will attached to the tapestry stand. Hopefully this will solve the problem and I will be able to get on with the stitching but I have to say it's turning into an expensive project with all these add-ons!

They are doing a theme on re-rooted and re painted dolls on one of the Fb groups last week and I suddenly realised that Saffron, or Saffy as we call her, is re-rooted.

I have to confess , she is one of my keeper dolls. I just love the character her hairstyle gives her, very much like her sister Hattie, no messing with Saffy and she will turn her hand to helping with anything.

I have decided this will be Saffron's year and we will be following her adventures over the coming months. I've yet to tell the other children this, so wish me luck! Not they won't be getting up to their usual mischief, just that Saffy will be off on a few adventures hopefully.

On the doll front, I have sold two dolls. Which is helpful to my getting this laptop screen fixed. Plus no dolls have been acquired but still a couple waiting on their layaways.

The Chat n Snap dates, been announced a small trickle of attendee's are letting me know they are coming.

So it's all steadily ticking along.

I'm so pleased with the dolls house, I just had to share another photo of it and cannot quite believe a ling outstanding jobs been finished and with an added bonus of a loft!.

It makes me wonder if this could be the year that some outstanding jobs finally get done.... but maybe it's early days to be getting carried away!

I hope you all have a lovely happy healthy week ahead


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