Wednesday 8 February 2023


 The dolls house is getting closer to the finish line! 

A few days back, we had to remove the ceiling roses we had put in years back because they had a small metal hook in the centre, which now times moved on, we didn't need. However we could not just pull the very small hook off because it was embedded in the plaster, so ripped a hole across the first one we tried. So I asked Paul to remove the two ceiling roses in the downstairs rooms and went online and ordered two replacements, I also decided to get two smaller ones for the bedrooms.

These new ones, also have a hole in the centre perfect for adding in the light fitting. So yesterday Paul replaced all the ceiling roses, we left them overnight to dry and then today we fitted the lights.

I picked a nice fancy one for the main room.

The bedroom ones are smaller in size but have the hole for the light fitting.

A fancier oe for the main bedroom. Now these upstairs rooms will have to have lights with LED's that turn on and off on the light due to the fact I totally forgot in my eagerness to lay the flooring in that attic that there is now nowhere to lay the cable to the back of the house. 

Now the lights are in downstairs, I could fit the flooring, so that's all now done.

When I found all my old dolls house items, I also found a door knocker and a letter box. The letterbox was one that could operate, which would have meant cutting a hole in the front door but Paul reminded me that there was a nice brass knob shaped handle which was meant to go in the middle of the door where a letterbox would have been. So I opted to use the handle with the knocker.

So they have been fitted and while we were doing that we have also fitted the window perspex but have left the shaded covering on the inside to remove once it's all finished apart from in the attic as the perspex goes between the window and a frame behind to keep it in place.

The roof top and sides have had a coat of dark grey paint to match the front tiles. Now just the house sides need a coat or two of pale grey to match the front. Then it's just the stairs left to put in and a decent catch for the front to keep it in place!

So almost at the finishing line.... 


  1. I like your choice of ceiling roses, I'm assuming the new LED lights are easier to install? It's all looking really great Dee, including the roof, now you just have to ask Paul nicely to make you a mail box. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks. The led lights don't have any cables just a switch on the side to turn on and off. I'm keeping the letterbox for another house... lol whenever I happen to get one Hugs x

  2. Wow! Looking GOOD! You have both done a fabulous job! I don't know if you have been into M&S lately but in the plants dept they have some more Emma Bridgewater metal plant pots in two sizes (complete with Irises/daffs/hyacinths) I picked up two LOVE design pots today...there are other designs so get down there Sis :)

    1. Thank you Sis,I haven't been recently to M&S I'll have to go and see what they have , Thanks for the tip off :) x