Sunday 26 February 2023


 Well that week shot round! It's been a busyish week. We have been working on a small project for the dolls.

I have this Bella Play Roche doll on a layaway. At the time she was issued you could buy separately this small dolls house, only a few were available. Naturally being me, I decided that I'd ask Paul to make me a similar house for my dolls.

So here is our version, more fisherman's cottage than old town house. We saved time and effort by using shop bought windows and door although we could not get wooden windows which we would have preferred.

It's amazing how quick someone moves in once it's done! This is the prototype and now Paul's going to make another couple.

I have also been working on my tapestry carpet for the big dolls house.

So after repeatedly having to undo stitches I caved and ordered a magnifying glass with light! So what with having to buy a new stand and now this, this carpet is turning out quite an expensive project! However I am enjoying doing it and so went off to look at finding a book so that I could make a a simpler one after this one, which is very fiddly.

And I have to give Amazon a little praise here, because I found a book and clicked on it to see more and it stated at the top that I had purchased this book back in 2004! So a quick look through my craft bookshelves and there it was! I do love that Amazon will tell you if you have already purchased a book and when, it's saved me more than once from rebuying a book I've read or own. I now wish I could just have this happen when I'm buying a magazine each month in the shops, to stop me buying the same one again! They are quite expensive to buy now.  I will need to have them delivered to save me money and landing up every few months or so with doubles!

On the doll front nothing much has happened, none gone none arrived. I've spent most of today stitching the tapestry, which if nothing else is probably saving money from not being on the internet .

Wishing you all a love healthy fun filled week ahead 



  1. Love that third photo Dee! Looks like "frustration" is the word of the week, I've been in that state myself while painting this darn doll furniture. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Hope the painting is going easier for you now. I'm pleased to say the sewing is getting done, I'm almost obsessed with working on it! hugs x

  2. Thank you Linda. I am obsessed with stitching the carpet, every spare minute I'm there adding a few more!