Thursday 2 February 2023


 Those boys! I'm sure it won't hurt them to wait another week to move into the kitchen space with their living room furniture? 

Speaking of furniture, I came across a couple of lovely artisan pieces for the dolls house at the weekend and luckily I still had a few dolly pounds left, so could treat myself.

This lovely chest of drawers was being sold along with the mirror as a set made by the same maker back in 1997.

It's all beautifully made with all working drawers for those linens and clothes. I had thought when I bought it it would go in one of the other bedrooms and it still may, however I then saw the photo I'd shared of a children's bedroom from the dolls house source book and realised there was the same set up in that room but that the chest of drawers had a marble top.

So the set may be staying in the children's room.

I also could not resist this other item by the same artist and being sold by the same seller.

This lovely sideboard/table. My only issue now is that the red dinning room with the dark wood floor is now very dark, and this dark wood sideboard could be almost invisible along it's back or side wall.

I took this photo in the attic room which is nice and light.

So I may have to redecorate that room with either a lighter wallpaper or a paint only problem is now that the fireplace is fixed in, it will be a nightmare working round it in such a small space!

I'm not sure if a light carpet/rug would help lift the darkness, there will be a working ceiling light in time which may help. So I will have to have a think about what to do for the best.


If I suddenly go quiet it's because my laptop is not working and will be getting fixed. one hinge broke a long while back and the second one late last year. Then I forgot and left it on the sofa and the dog sat on it a couple of weeks back and broke a corner of the screen! Now the screen's decided to play up! So I will have to found out if it can be fixed!

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