Sunday 12 February 2023


 Sunday again, how time flies when you are having fun!

Well I don't know where the week went and I cannot even remember overly much of whats been happening but I'll give it a go.

My cheeky little granddaughter had her fifth birthday on Friday! Five already! She is growing up so fast, she started school last September and is really enjoying it. Today she was holding a party for most of her class mates! 

Her little brother Adam is now two years and three months old and is a right little chatterbox and now making sense and speaking clearer, which is wonderful as I can answer without having to ask his mum what he's said when we are face timing on the portal.

Paul is recovering more each day and almost back to normal, he's walking the dogs etc just not doing any long car driving at present. Which will hopefully mean, we will be able to get out and about more this spring and summer. 

The dolls house is nearly finished, it's had all it's outer coats of paint and today Paul finally put in one set of the stairs!


We lost over the years two of the steps to complete the second part of the stair case plus some of the banisters and the second handrail. So I sent for some replacements. However we still need the two steps that Paul will need to make and I have to say my workman ( Paul ) appears to have been avoiding these stairs all week, well almost all week! But hopefully, the new steps will be made this coming week and then the second case put in and it's built!

The room box is made up and decorated and is now in the doll studio.

I had to order a tapestry stand , so I can male up the dolls house carpet, my old stand I could not find the legs for but will no doubt appear as if by magic once I'm all set up on the new one.

On the doll front two have left and one's arrived!

Now I say two have left and one's arrived but one of the one's that left was a part exchange swap for the one that arrived and the other one that left help with the part exch.

It was a Roche Esme who left and actually went back to her previous owner, who'd swapped her first with me for my Roche Kitty. Now I have swapped her back for a Roche Lillian! The other doll who was a Sasha went back to her previous owner too! Mmm am I running a halfway house? does seem like it sometimes! 

I do have some dolls back up for sale as I need to get this laptop fixed sooner rather than later! Because the screen is slowly getting worse! So if I stop posting you know why.

So I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


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