Monday 13 February 2023



"How come we've been left to bring all this stuff home? " Percy asks Erik " and where's it come from anyway?"

" It's for Mum's Chat n Snap post on the group , she asked me to organise getting it ready and moving it in place and I found you and Zak"

Zak comes round for where he's been waiting at the back of the cart " What's going on? are we moving this thing or not? "

" Yes yes    Sorry I was just speaking to Percy "

" Well don't please it's starting to get cold and I want to see about finishing my game of Cluedo with Toby and he's probably looked a my cards by now!" Zak grumbles as he goes back toward the rear of the cart.

" Come on Lucas let me help you down off the cart, so we can move it " He holds out his hands to grab Lucas.

Lucas just gives him a stare " Come on Lucas and Socks you are too heavy for us to pull the cart with you in it!"

"No!" says Lucas turning away so Erik cannot reach him " and no socks too!"

"Gruff" says socks wagging his tail thinking this is a great game.

Giving up with Lucas, Erik gets Percy to climb between the wooden shafts and then climbs in himself and calls "Get ready to push Zak 1 2 3 Push!! "

Lucas starts laughing and jumping about " Go go go!" he cries pointing them on their way 

After several minutes of pulling and pushing and moaning and groaning Erik calls "HALT!" and Percy gratefully drops the shafts and Zak stops trying to push.

"Again! " demands Lucas from his perch on the cart

"Woof!" agrees Socks

No one pays him any attention as the three boys decide that they need much more help to move it even maybe a horse! They start walking towards the house as they talk .

The sound of a door closing and then quiet... Lucas sits with Socks looking over towards the back door someone will come back.... he can wait... well he may just eat this little cake while he waits....

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