Wednesday 1 February 2023



"If  we get all the furniture in today " Robin says " Then maybe just maybe, Mum will start blogging about us and not that dolls house!"

Percy nods in agreement as Robin puts down his side of the sofa

Percy's about to put his side of the sofa down when he hears someone shouting from further down the hallway

It's very muffled but he just manages to make out their words.

"I did not catch a word of that!" exclaims Robin " whats the point in shouting down the hall? Did you get that? "

Percy sighs in annoyance ! " They said " I don't know why you are doing that because the boiler man is coming to service the boiler next week, so Mum would have to move it all out the way!" un quote "

"What! " cries Robin collapsing onto the arm of the sofa " why didn't they tell us before we carried the sofa all the way from the studio to here! "

The boys flop down onto the sofa with much grumbling and moaning. 

" Well I'm not carrying it all the way back ! " say Robin firmly, he's too nice not to take it back but feels leaving it a day will show his annoyance.

" Totally agree " nods Percy " if they are not arriving for another week it can stay here overnight"

"You know what this means? " Robin asks Percy

" We have to wait another week to move it all!"

" Well yes " agrees Robin " but it also means another week of the poor readers having to hear about mum's dolls house remodel "

Both boys shake their heads in sympathy of whats to continue..


  1. LOL!!! Boys you are so sweet - and hardworking! Very frustrating to find out you've done it in vain... But Mum will appreciate your diligence, and surely she has some fine chocolate for you. And we look forward to what you will be up to next week, then!

    1. These two are good boys. They will be well rewarded for their help once the boiler's been serviced. They will deserve it with all the things to move!

  2. Hello boys, If you ever want to move some more furniture, you can come over to our house. I guarantee that Holly Belle can line up some work for you!

    1. Hello Daddy S, I'd be more than happy to assist you with any furniture moving once we've sorted mum out. Not so sure about Percy, I think Holly Belle makes him anxious that he won't get it right. regards Robin