Saturday 4 February 2023


  I thought I'd not be able to do anything but luckily Lindsey came along and moved the screen so I could access parts or the computer screen I couldn't before, although it's still hard to access other pieces. I'm talking to someone about fixing it and will be dropping it off to them on Monday.

So I cut the tile paper for the roof and asked Paul to fit it on for me. He did it, however I wasn't around at the time and he's longsighted and needs new glasses, so it landed up with a couple of joints that can be seen, so I am working on those to be less visible.

The sides and top of the roof still need painting which is my next job and Paul's making the stairs along with some chimney stacks. So not far to go.

I received a few beds , however trying to be good I bought two identical beds, at a cheaper price which are supposed to be single size but to me are quite wide,

 when this one turned up I could then see that I was right and the pair of beds are wider than I want for this room. So that economy didn't pan out as I will now need to source two more beds that are singles. But I am pleased with this little bed for the attic room.

Here you can see why the brass coloured beds are too wide also I think they look too new! So if I keep one for one of the other bedrooms, I may need to bash it about a bit to give it some age!

My plan for the attic room is something like this, two beds the same and a third that's different because very few people would have exactly the same beds if they had bought them over the years as more children were born. Also if they were all the smaller bed size I may be able to try them against one of the side walls all together but only if they were smaller.

Naturally I have not yet started sewing the rug! But must start getting on with it this coming week. I also need to make some bedding for these dolls beds over the coming week or so. If my laptop is off being repaired I will certainly have the time!


  1. I see what you mean about the roof, but I don't think it's entirely Paul's fault. I think it's a pity the manufacturer didn't make the roof paper wider in the first place.

    I do prefer the white bed to the bronze ones Dee, they look a little too modern. I'm sure you will find a use for them though.
    Big hugs,

    1. I agree about the paper not being wide enough, it should come on a roll not in sheets.
      I prefer the white too, It's not so bad as it allows me to keep looking lol hugs xx