Wednesday 15 February 2023


 Sort of! 

I decided to leave the backing on the dooe windows for the moment as I quite like that opaque look.

The stairs are in! It took Paul just a few minutes to make the missing steps once he set his mind to it and they were soon glued and dry and ready for next stage.

So after a discussion as to where it could go indoors, it landed up for a few minutes on my small bookcase in the back window until I explained that it would get swiped by the curtains across it each night so would slowly damage the front.

My suggestions of complete re organising the furniture in that part of the room, so it could go against a wall didn't go down well! So it's landed up back in the doll studio for now! I think it's just too nice to be hiden away in there but until the bedrooms been decorated and carpeted it will have to stay where it is.

Why is there never an empty corner when you need one?

I finally got to start adding some of the furniture and can see there will be a lot to do gradually over the coming months and years.

The beds all need bedding, something to add to my to do list along with the carpets.

For the minute I have put the fifties sofa in the childrens room, until I get a third bed and or a basement room.

It seems I sold off most of my dolls house furniture when I sold the house /shop when I moved, so it will be a nice job to slowly gather whats needed little by little.

I also removed the wooden flooring in this bedroom because when I stuck it down , I had a struggle with it and had to pull it back up and reposition it which meant it didn't then want to stick down properly at the edges, so I gave in and pulled it off and will either buy more or replace it with a carpet.

So the Sasha's and Gregors will be so happy it over and they can have some attention.


  1. I turned out beautifully, and fits perfectly on the pretty cupboard!

    1. Thank you, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out :)

  2. Thumbs up for Paul, he's done a terrific job! Now the rest is all up to you Dee, but I can see you are well on your way. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Paul says thanks. I will enjoy working on it over the coming weeks and months and now doubt years! ;) lol hugs x