Wednesday 22 October 2014


this time from Judith of Dolly Doodles.

These gorgeous Gilets will be available at the Chat n Snap , along with lots of other goodies that
Judith's been making.

and here is a photo of more DD clothing waiting to be placed in bags for sale! You can see Judith's not giving any clue's to waits going to be available on her table until 12 noon Saturday!


We now have TWO raffles....more details later.... :)



  1. WoW lovely! And that pile of clothing looks rather like my son's bedroom floor.... ;) often piled high with clothes like this :)
    Lovely, such excitement!
    TWO raffles???? Oh my goodness!!! This sounds like it's getting more and more exciting every day!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Looks a little like my bedroom at the moment! not having any time to do anything but things for the Chat n Snap lately!!
      Yes TWO RAFFLES... such generous and wonderful people out there!!
      Hugs Dee xxx

  2. Just love the pile! It reminds me of the time I visited Jake (son) at his two week long cub camp in a large hut in the wilds of Norfolk. Every garment belonging to every boy and the two staff was in a pile in the middle.... none of the lads came home with many of their own clothes......I got back 14 socks but not one matching pair and I never did find out who owned the two extra cub uniforms that came home in Jake's back-pack... I hope Judith can match things up more easily!
    It all looks so bright and cheery. Happy selling Judith!
    Jenni x

    1. We still have load's of unpaired socks even now! How's that happen? Maybe there's a sock elf who takes off with them to keep his home nice and warm?
      I know Judith hide her specials at the bottom so we could not see them!! Such a tease!
      Roll on Saturday :)
      Dee xx

  3. Someone's been a very 'busy bee' then.
    Loving the comparisons of the two photos!
    Firstly the neat and tidily arranged circle of the colourful gilets against the jumbled pile of joggers, hoodies and with.....hopefully for me......just a glimpse of a couple of some little furry baby coatsl

    Plus a SECOND raffle! Is there any time left for me to plan to rob a bank?????

    1. Love the colour's of those gilets!! will have to be on my toes to try and nab one of these lovely's on Saturday. Yes I am sure I saw a glimpse of a furry coat!!

  4. Wow! SEW far SEW good!!!
    Is the DD WEBSITE up and running yet? I did stop by the other day but couldn't get on it??

    R*A*F*F*L*E....did you mention a second raffle????????????????????????????????? Can the stay at homes join in on this one???? :) :)

    1. Wow! 'Sew far, sew good!' Very clever per usual!!
      I believe that the re-vamped Dollydoodle website should be up and running hopefully very soon.

    2. Due to time left etc etc I cannot open this years raffle to outsiders/non attender's but I promise to have a raffle that everyone can enter next year!! Okay!
      This second raffle was an unexpected bonus, well the first gotz girl was too but this even more so.
      People are just wonderful :)