Tuesday, 7 October 2014


The weather is starting to move into full autumn with cold winds and frosty nights expected. Carol in Canada also says the weathers turning cold and sent me this photo of one of her girl's wearing a lovely warm cardie.

Looking very chic in her spotty flower hair slide and heavy boots, she's  off to catch the school bus with her tartan school bag. Mum wanted her to wear a coat! No chance she wants everyone to see how nice she's looking!


Thanks to Carol for sharing her photo with us. Maybe this young lady will be joining us at the Chat n Snap unless her mum is leaving all the room in her suitcase for her purchases!!!
I love her tartan bag and her hair flower.



  1. Wow, you've got Carol from Canada, Sharon from Spain coming to the CnS, they're coming from far and wide. Carol's girl is very pretty in her smart school outfit.

    1. Yes and two from Switzerland and one from the US ! So an international C n S this year. :)

  2. What a pretty girl .... and so nicely dressed!
    And great to hear that her mum is joining us all for the Chat N Snap, or Itch and Scratch as my dear hubby is so kindly calling it!!!! ;)
    It really is going to be a truly 'international' event this year, well done Mrs Owen!!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Yes it will be lovely to meet Carol at the Chat N Snap! I may have to clip your dear other after round the ear!! :)cheeky chap!!
      Yes I feel that we can all ourselves the International Chat n Snap!! lol
      Hugs Dee xxx

  3. Very smart indeed and however cold it was even I (who almost freezes at even the tiniest bit of a chill in the air) wouldn't want to cover that look with a boring coat!

    If I remember correctly there were eight countries represented at the UK 2012 Sasha Festival and the CnS already has half of that number coming..... and more if you count in The Republic of Ireland. Isn't that just great?

    1. Yes what we do for fashion..freeze!! You are a font of Sasha info Kendal ! Well if we count the Republic of Ireland which I'm sure we should that will make it International !! :) which is of course great :)