Sunday 12 October 2014


Well have just got back from a wonderful fun filled day with my beautiful daughters and friends.

The Days theme was the fifties.

We started the day with  a Swing dance class! Absolutely loved it and would go again if they held them round here.

We learnt a complete routine which we danced to the song The Boggie Woogie Bugle boy !

This photo shows our teacher and that's Courtney in red.

We then went to the house we were staying in that was in the middle of a country estate, were we had a gorgeous high tea, with home made cakes and sandwiches.This is as we cleared the Table so we could start the next stage of...

Making Fascinators! Can you guess which one I made?

More of them.

Then we had the beauticians arrive and we all had either, back massage,arm and hand, leg and foot, plus nails painted, facials etc.
I had the arm and hand massage and my nails done! As I type my purple nails look very neat and tidy!

Then it was time to head out to dinner, which was in a gastro pub in a local village, where we had a lovely meal then back to the house for a great chat, a couple of games and then bed.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience, which was so fun filled and busy I forgot to take any photos!!


  1. Sounds like you have had a brilliant time Dee, which is great as it will stay in your memories for a long time! Love the fascinators, I think they're called Palmeras here, will have to check that. So which did you make....maybe the light purple in the middle? Will you wear yours for the wedding, they certainly look good enough to be worn to the wedding.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. We did have a great time. :) Yes the middle one is my one! I won't be wearing it to the wedding as I have seen a lovely hat that I may buy :)
      hugs Dee xxx

  2. It sounds like a perfct day, Dee. Can't wait to see you in your fascinator - at the wedding? Royal Ascot? When you go to the Palace to receive your award for services to distressed Sashas? Hattie would be so proud of you!
    J xxx

    1. It was Jenni. Yes I'll be saving mine to meet her maj , she keeps asking to come to C n S but I have to knock her back due to all the security men she needs to bring ! I just cannot have them looking through the goods and maybe blowing things up !! :) xx

  3. Such a FUN day! Must have re-vitalised you after your awful work week.

    Was rather hoping that we'd be seeing the dance lesson here in video form!

    I think like Sharon that you made the purple fascinator in the middle of the first photo knowing just how much you like the colour purple. Very artistic indeed especially with it's additional diamante sparkle.
    Hopefully you'll be wearing it at the CnS and that you and your daughters will be giving us a demonstration of the dance routine for our lunchtime entertainment!

    1. It did indeed, give me the break I needed. I do believe someone videoed it on their phone but Hopefully I'll not see it on you tube!!!
      Yes the middle purple was me :) and No I will not be wearing it , I'm more of a hat person like Hattie :)
      Now if I could just remember those moves.... :)

  4. Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Hen parties are so much better these days with activities and Mums included.
    Is the wedding early in November? I'm sure you're looking forward to your little girl's big day!
    Yes you made the purple one - what's that poem about - when I'm old I shall wear a purple hat?

    1. We did Rosie, it's nice that Mum's are included on these fun weekends they now do :)
      The wedding's in late November about six weeks away! I am looking forward to seeing her on her big day :)

      LOL I love that poem it's so me!! and yes purple was mine :)

  5. What great fun Dee! I love to dance and find that I dance without even thinking when I am truly and really happy :). I will be different about the fascinator and say that you made the one on the right of the purple one, the deep red one :) xxx

    1. It was Ginger, I too love to dance , I spent nearly all night on the dance floor at my eldest wedding and I did not worry if anyone else was dancing with me! :) Sorry the one on the right was made by Lindsey my daughter, I am a purple lady at heart :) xxx