Wednesday 29 October 2014


Finally things have calmed down and people go for a chat and a cuppa and to discuss if they should go back and get that other item..or two...

still some determined shopper milling round.

More chatting and snapping..

Here is a shot of the Sasha's etc over on the tables being admired.

These visitor's are Sharon and Joyce's Little Darling dolls. They were very impressed with all the Sasha's and their Mum's and dad's shopping like it would go out of fashion!!

Then It was time for the Raffle, first the Baby raffle was drawn and Dawn did the honours pulling out the Lovely Carol's ticket. Carol who had travelled all the way from Canada especially to join us all at the Chat n Snap was stunned to win this lovely little baby.

next up

Carol's husband looks on, probably hoping they'll not need a bigger suitcase!

Chris M was next and chose the Dolly Doodle baby set.

Then Theresa makes off with her prize while Dawn draws anther ticket.

Joyce collects her prize while I call out the next winner.

Louise collects a prize won by her mum Gill, the last baby raffle prize.

Then on to the big Gotz girl raffle....

YES Theresa won the first prize AGAIN!! So another early birthday present , she looks very happy with her new girl.

Louise won the Vintage Sasha coat and hat set and I heard swapped it with her Mum's baby raffle prize!! That's a very good daughter you have there Gill.

Diane making off with her prize of a lovely Ginny dress.

Michelle won the raffle prize from Sharon of a lovely blue Rara dresses set.

Gayle wins a prize but tries to convince Dawn that Dawn really wants to swap  the beautiful baby layette that she had won in the baby raffle for the one Gayle's just won....Dawn said......No chance!!

Chris selected the lovely pink cardigan.

Sharon won a selection of fruit and veg for her Sasha's.

Dawn's laughing because I said Thanks! I did not want her to pick my ticket now!! I already have THREE wheelbarrow's so really did not need another!!
Luckily Diane won it for her Toddlers who are by now using it to take the bottle of whiskey out into the garden and hide them in holes all around the place!! or they could be taking the empties back to the off licence and bring back fresh supplies.... :)

Well that only leaves me to Thank everyone for attending and making the day such a hit and for supporting The Alzhemiers Society ,our Charity for this year. I'll let you all know exactly how much was raised in the next week or two but it's a very good sum.

Next up will be my purchases!!



  1. Lots of Lucky winners, but especially the Alzheimer's Society. We had lots of fun and helped raise funds to benefit those coping with the terrible effects of that awful disease.

    1. We were so lucky with the wonderful people who donated the prizes for these two raffle which helped a very worthy cause that's effecting more and more families.

  2. I had a fantastic day Dee who knows what will happen next year. It was great to see so many friends again and to raise money for a very deserving charity xxx

    1. That's so true who knows what tomorrow may bring but a worthy winner especially with your Birthday so close! and yes a very deserving cause.:)xx

  3. I too had an absolutely wonderful day. My special annual Sasha treat to myself!

    Congratulations to all the lucky raffle winners and my thanks again to all the most generous prize givers.

    Thanks too to the stall holders for coming to tempt us with their superb Sasha related wares.

    Finally three cheers to Denise and Paul and all their helpers for organising and providing us with another fantastic Sasha fun day....'Hip, hip, hooray, Hip, hip, hooray, HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

    1. Glad you made it Kendal and enjoyed yourself once here!
      Thank you for the Cheers, Paul and the girls and my friends were marvellous and I could not do it without them, I'm just the one with the idea's and the bossy nature!!! :)xx

  4. Thanks Dee for another great Chat n Snap post. It is so nice to see the raffle winners, congrats to all of the lucky ladies! I am happy that you all had a great time among friends and Sashas! Well done!!! :) xxx

    1. You are welcome Ginger. It was a very good raffle with a nice group of winners :)xxx

  5. I had such a lovely time, it was brilliant! I'm glad the charity will benefit well from the day :)
    Can I ask, is it me, or does that person in turquoise in the last photo, look slightly demented ???? Or just over excited at winning a raffle? LOL Never realised that one was being taken, that's for sure!!!!

    1. So glad you enjoyed yourself Sharon.
      Hey! That lady in the last photo was having a great time, I think she turned away to make sure no Fruit Loops followed her home!!
      Hugs Dee xx