Friday 17 October 2014


Well I promised to show you all,  the painting number Two Daughter did of dear old Mum!!

I made the cunning decision to tilt my head downwards so that I could read the paper or use Paul's ipad  and so after many hours of patiently sitting on a weekend and ignoring the housework , washing etc finally she's finished.

So here I am in all my glory! I will get her to take a photo of me in the same pose and put it on later. If I have mentioned the reason she painted this picture please don't refer to it in any comment , thank you.

Oh and I asked her to make me look older and heavier so I could see what was to come.......... :)

I could keep typing and then you may not notice that the picture never then......


and yes my glasses are purple.....  :)

and for those who have never met me, here is me taking a rest by looking up while having a sitting.. :)



  1. Well as I have never met you in person I can only guess it is a good likeness of you, that said it is beautifully executed by your very talented girl. You must be very pleased/proud.

    1. It must be because I don't do cold! :) or we would have met but then whose to say we have not passed in the street and I have had a shiver run down my back, while you have felt a warm kind wave but unknown we have continued on our ways... :)

      I have added a photo so that you can see the real me, who look so much younger in real life!! :)
      I am very proud of Lindsey and her talent which is of course inherited from her mother!! lol :)

  2. Well you've certainly missed a real treat by NOT having made the effort to meet Denise!

    I've been lucky with seeing her firstly in 2012 at the UK Sasha Festival, secondly at Dollydoodles Sasha Saturday, thirdly at last years CnS, fourth/fiftly here at my home...... and keeping my fingers crossed as there is some health doubt, sixthly at 2014 CnS.

    ....But I can tell you that it is a good, but as Denise says, although much older likeness. Well done Lindsey.
    PS. A very clever idea of yours deciding to look downwards so that you could keep yourself occupied on Paul's iPad or by reading. Obviously not just a pretty face then!

    1. There you are R, Kendal says it a real treat to meet me!! : I>
      Is it only five times kendal ! But as you say hopefully six very very soon :)

      I have now added a photo, so that Icy can see I am much younger in real life ;) and Kendal I had to be doing something or Lindsey would have kept looking up to see my back as I sneaked out the room and you' d be admiring the back of my head instead of my face!! :)

  3. Well done Lindsey! I haven't met you Dee but I hope to one day. Your daughter is very talented and it is certainly a great likeness to you. I have to say that I love your photo very much with your eyes looking at the camera and that beautiful smile!!! Well done Mum! :) xxx

    1. Thank's Ginger I hope to meet you to one day :) I thought I had best add a photo so people could see that it is a good likeness and it's the first time she's ever painted in oils.:)xxx

  4. Oh Dee, it's really LOVELY! A great portrait and not boring with you staring straight ahead at the artist, and a very talented artist at that in your daughter! I'm sure you're really happy with it and proud of how talented she is....and yes, most definitely inherited from her mother, though her dad's not a bad artist himself either is he with his woodworking skills! :)
    Great photo too, the likeness is very good.....but yes, obviously much younger looking in the photo....Lindsey just wanted to give you an idea of what the future has in store for you, and it looks GOOD! :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  5. Thanks Sharon :) She's always been into art even as a very young child. In truth she gets her talent from all the family on both sides :)
    Not a bad photo of me! :) At least you'll recognisance me next weekend! :)

    Hugs Dee xx

    1. Thank goodness for the photo Dee, I'm feeling just the tiniest bit apprehensive about walking in on my own and not recognising anyone, or knowing who is who! I will look out for you!! :)

    2. You don't need to worry, we are a friendly lot and love nothing better than to have a chatter!:) You'll probably welcome a quiet five minutes after a while!!! :)
      I'm going to give everyone stickers with their names on this year, so people and find it easier . :)xxxx