Friday 3 October 2014


Here are some photo's of the beautiful Gotz blonde girl Charity ,very kindly donated to Raffle at the Chat n Snap on 25th October.

She was donated by Chris Taylor and we thank her for giving someone a chance to win this gorgeous girl.

Who could resist sweet Charity.

She will come in this lovely Vintage Sasha outfit.

There will be other beautiful items donated by some of the sellers, so definitely worth a ticket for ten!!

More Chat N Snap info coming soon.



  1. Oh! As Stevie Wonder says in one of his hit songs......

    'Isn't she lovely,
    Isn't she wonderful,
    Isn't she precious...'

    What a most generous and magnificent raffle gift for the CnS. A million/trillion thanks Chris for this kind and simply fabulous donation.
    Perfectly named for the event.
    Do so hope that you can make it there this year Chris (though I know that you live so far away) to see her being won by one very lucky person.

    1. She is all of the above! Charity will be making someone very happy on the 25th. And Chris is lovely for donating her.
      Well it will soon be here with lots of new people to meet and chat to and clothes etc to snap up, it's starting to get exciting :)

  2. Wow! Wish I could be there. She is stunning. What a very generous donation. Hope she goes to a very special new home.
    J x

    1. I wish you could come too Jenni. It is a very generous donation and I'm sure she'll get a loving new mum to take her home.
      Dee x

  3. Isn't she pretty and what a fantastic donation made by Chris! I wish she could attend and see her gift being won by some lucky person, because they're going to be sooooo delighted to win her for sure!
    Jenni I also wish you could be there....maybe one day!
    I'm getting really quite excited now and although it is three weeks away, I already have my case half packed. I am debating paying in advance for 'excess baggage' for my return journey in case I get carried away...but at least the carry on bag doesn't get weighed as all my dolls will travel in the cabin with me!
    Most of all I'm seriously looking forward to meeting every though! Can hardly wait! :)
    Bighugs SHaron xxx

    1. Only 20 days to go!!! How did that happen! I'm going to have to get my act together! I'd pay for the excess baggage Sharon, you will find so much gorgeous stuff to buy, you'll have to eat beans on toast for a month!! Hugs Dee xx

  4. How very generous of Chris to donate this beautiful Gotz girl. Her outfit is lovely too! I am certain you will have one very elated person at your gathering later this month!! To win her would be a wonderful delight! :) xxx

    1. It is Ginger and now lovely it will be for the winner! :)xxx