Sunday, 5 October 2014


Diane Duke's mentioned that they had managed to gather a few toddlers together at the US festival this year and maybe we could gather a bigger number at the Chat n Snap so, she's thrown down a challenge to all those attending who own toddlers to bring them along!

She's promised to donate a £1 for every toddler who attends to the charity. And if possible we may build a wall of toddlers!! for a great photo opportunity!

Some toddlers round here heard what was going on and decided to have a practice.
"Storm! " yells Lucas, " Get your foot on my shoulder ! "
" I'm going to fall!" squeals Storm making a grab for the trellis !
Connor just cannot look in case she falls!!!

" I want to get down!" demands Storm struggling to hold on
Connor finally looks at what going on " I'll help you !" he says kindly and helps Storm to the ground.

" I don't feel well " says Storm staggering off in search of one of her big sisters or Mum !
Lucas rolls his eyes in disgust ! Then looks over at Connor " Hey Connor come here!"
Connor looks like he wants to run off " I can't climb up, don't like it!" he says stubbornly

The next thing he knows is Lucas is using him as a climbing frame and is standing on his head!!
"YES!" crows Lucas " That chicken Storm ! It's easy peasy !"
Connor is beginning to buckle under the weight of Lucas standing on his head " Lukie get down now "
" NO " says Lucas enjoying the feeling of being so high up
"Lukie I gonna fall !" squeaks Connor trembling

Luckily Lucas manages to grab onto the trellis as Connor wobbles near falls then moves away.

Lucas watches in disbelief as Connor rushes off " COME BACK " demands Lucas " I want to stand on your HEAD!"
" NO! It hurt! " says Connor keeping going away from an angry Lucas

" Your Bum's gonna hurt when I catch you " mutters Lucas as he climbs down the trellis " I gonna kick it !"

Let's hope Connor can hide long enough for Lucas to calm down and see the funny side....................RUN CONNOR RUN!!!


So if you can bring your toddlers, those of you coming  to the chat n snap, it will help make a big donation to the Alzhmiers Society and a great photo!



  1. LOL what a cute photostory Dee! I hope everyone does bring their toddlers because I'd love to see them in the flesh, they look so sweet...well, even Lucas LOOKS sweet, he just doesn't act it very often!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks Sharon. There will definitely be these three!! Heaven help us! and Diane Dukes brood of many plus I am sure a few more!
      That's the problem looks like butter would not melt..... :)
      Hugs Dee xx

  2. Lucas is SWEET Sharon...I have taught every thing I know :) And Storm too!!
    Good luck with the Toddler Wall are gonna need it with all those naughty toddlers around!

    1. That's what we have to deal with!!! Everything an Ice Queen knows!! :) Storm fortunately is so sweet natured , she's fine!
      I just hope they don't let Lucas take charge!!! or we are doomed!!! :)

  3. Ha ha ... Lucas hasn't lost his touch!
    Run Connor RUN

    1. No unfortunately it does keep appearing just when we think he's turned the corner, he runs back the other way!!

    2. I don't think it is his TOUCH we need to be worried by - more his bite, kick, thump, head lock etc. I allowed his long lost twin to stay with him for a while because he needs toughening up and I thought Lucas just the chap for the job.

    3. Funnily enough he does not bite! Thumping is a favourite, kicking and the odd head lock come a close second and third. but usually he prefers to terrify them !
      Connor is getting tougher he's stopped crying! :)

  4. Oh dear and Ionly just last week I told my one and only toddler, Bea, that she needn't think that she's coming with me again this year as she had her turn last October.... and as they know only too well I don't usually, well actually NEVER, go back on my word!

    Will have to give it some very serious thought as can only manage a very TINY weekend case to tide me over for the four days down there. Might a photo of the little scamp suffice instead?
    Hoping that wasn't a 'Nooooo.....' that I heard you saying!?!?

    .....BUT if I do let her come please make a note that I specifically want her standing at the opposite end of the wall to THAT Lucas in case any of his 'Simply-Sasha taught naughtiness' gets transferred onto my sweet natured and uniquely customised little tot!

    Great amusing post as I'd love your brain of ideas when it comes to my Sasha blog posts!

    1. Sorry, this was meant to read...and I only , just last week, told my......

    2. I'm afraid she must be there in person or it does not count! You don't think she wrote to Diane's boy George do you and the planned this together so she could make the trip? You know what these toddlers are like!
      I cannot promised to keep her away from Lucas as I'll probably be trying to keep Lucas away from everyone! I can just imagine him shouting timber and giving a toddler on the bottom a shove!!! I cannot bare to think about it!
      Thanks :))
      Dee x

    3. Easy, let Lucas take the photo.... he can't be behind the camera and standing in the line, can he? Connor can stand at one end and then run like a hare to the other end, and pretend to be Lucas, so all heads are counted.

      Or, I could send Angelina along to join Connor and she could stand second in line with Lucas in first place so there is nobody on the other side of him. Mrs Mum can stand just out of shot whispering dire threats about having marmite for tea if he moves.

      With three toddler brothers and far more big Gregor brothers than big Sasha sisters, Angelina has had to develop self defence skills. She wil have her black belt in karate before she is five and is currently learning to work with swords in her Tai Chi class.

      Oh Angelina is a sweet little girl, plays gently with her dolls, loves pretty clothes and is kind to other girls, but boys who get on her nerves better beware!
      'Lucas? He's an amateur!' she says.

      How do you think Teddy and Connor have become so docile and in need of Lucas to toughen them up? With Angel around, they must remain polite and quiet or feel the force of her wrath. Of my three toddler boys, only Timmy comes close to being her equal in confidence and infant strength and even he would pale at the idea of taking on Lucas or Angel. But she would be more than happy to take Lucas to the ground if she saw him bully another child. From Angel to Ninja Girl in seconds, that my girl!

    4. You never can tell with that boy! He probably knows how to put it on auto so it takes a running stream of photo's as the tower topples and you'd have terrified faces of tots in various free fall poses! And a red haired imp grinning on the side lines!

      Angelina I have heard of her, don't they call her the Welsh Wind, due to her fast reaction to any injustice she sees happening around her and her love of Brussels?.

      I would love to see her tackle Lucas! Mind you , he can be cunning and he may get her over to his side! after all his was well tutored by the Ice Queen :)

  5. Please bring Bea! We think she is great and would be sad if she doesn't come to join the toddler party.

    1. There you are Kendal, Bea will have to come, she's famous in the world of Chat n Snap :)

  6. After all this above chat even Bea is quaking in her boots and, in-spite of Doll Mum's special invite, is thinking of refusing to go especially as WE were both thinking that the WALL was going to run length-wise NOT height-wise, as shown in the example above.

    All looking a bit too dangerous for our timid little Bea and now with Lucas (AND maybe Angelina) both on the scene at the same time, staying at home is certainly sounding like a much safer option for her!

    Obviously a big decision 'to go or not to go?' will have to be made here over the next two weeks.

    1. I'm sure it will probably run length wise but it would look so GOOD as a tower!!! :) Bea would be ok if Angelina arrives, she'll keep Lucas at bay!! Maybe... :)

      Lucky you have two weeks to decide... :)

  7. Wow, a tower of toddlers!! Sure looks like boy's play to me. I know you all will have a wonderful time and please look out for Lucas and his antics everyone. A word to the wise..... ;) xxx

    1. It would look good Ginger a nice tower of tots! I am sure Lucas will be on his best behavior! Well I'm hoping he'll be on it!! Yes your right they'd best keep their eyes open!! :)xxx