Sunday, 26 October 2014


Well the place was buzzing with all the seller's fourteen in total, all with something different on offer.

Kim and Lauren with Lindsey peeking over Lauren's shoulder at the back, getting ready to feed the five thousand !

The display set up on stage.

from the other end.

first up we have the tea cup ride.

Mystic Meggie fortune teller.

Belle and Zak checking out the hoopla stall

The carousel with Sophie and Toby trying it out watched by Mike.

William was in charge of hook the duck, which were Halloween duck so he dressed as a skeleton!.

Jim was in charge of the coconut shy although we used cones for the coconuts due to lack of time! Robin's thinking about having a go.

a couple of the clan having a drink of orange on the picnic table.

A few early toddlers getting ready to meet their friends.

My one and only course girl worrying that no one will turn up!

She need not have worried as soon she was sitting next to Joyce Jordan's two lovely girls and surrounded by lots of others.

Yet more course girls, it was so lovely seeing so many in one place and all of such good quality.

The sellers setting up, Judith of Dolly Doodles on the left is chatting to Ruth and Lisa Hartley on the right.

 a view of the second set of tables.

Here are the sales tables, this is Janet's with lots of lovely felt and wool outfits plus a few Sasha's for sale.

This is Jane Woodbridge's table.

Gayle was selling these wonderful boots and shoes.

Chris Meatyards table.

Ruth and Lisa's table.

a little more of Ruth's table.

Diane Duke's table of goodies.

Judith's of Dolly Doodles table.

Doll mum's table of toys and puppets, with Jacob sitting guard.

another view of Jane's table.

Ginny of A passion for Sasha and her daughter Betty's table.

Some of her lovely dresses available.

Gill's boxes of socks and knitwear.

Her box of hats and mitten sets.

A side view of Michelle's and Sarah of vintage Sasha behind, I'm afraid my photographer did not take clear photo's of these two tables!!

He did not take a photo of the start of the sales opening, where you would have seen a very rare sight of a lot of middle aged women moving with an amazing amount of speed!!

This when it's calmed down and people are getting a bite to eat while they get their second wind for another go round the tables.

Still some shoppers going round.

Well that's the first set , will put on more soon. It was a great day, full with people who enjoyed each others company.
 Will post the doll photo's next.



  1. Well , what an action packed day! And the shopping that is too die for!
    Fantastic photos...keep them coming!

    1. It was and of course I was tempted by so many sellers and just had to buy one or two items... :) yes more photo's to come :)

  2. Kendal26 October 2014 17:45
    A million, trillion thanks to Denise & Paul for arranging another hugely successful C'n'S, everyone had a marvellous time catching up with old friends' news & making new friends from around the Globe! What an incredible variety of dolls in attendance and likewise their amazing collection of clothes and accessories.
    Already looking forward to next October's "double WOW factor".... (triple WOW if Simply Sasha turns up!)

    Time flies by so quickly when we're having so much fun, and I only wished I could have the extra "winter time" hour tagged on to yesterday instead of today!

    1. Triple WOW it is, because I am going to be there next year. Thank you K...that was a lovely thing to say :)

    2. Thanks Kendal, glad you and Chon enjoyed it, cannot wait to see your action packed photo's!!
      IF Ronny turns up it will indeed be an event !! :) The time did go so quick and even without having a table this year I still never got to chat to everyone for more than a minute! Must do better next year.
      Best to stop buttering up Ronny or she'll never get her head through the door.......oh I forgot their double doors , so she should be ok!! :)

    3. I PROMISE you I am going to be there in twenty fifteen!! I have got a year to start Sasha collecting again (but only on a small scale!) may even start blogging again....I have missed you all!! And Dee's humour...she says something nice and then snatches it away again :)

    4. It would appear that Simply Sasha
      as missed us all ! but we won't swagger

      She says a blog she may restart
      I hear the sound of thumping hearts !

      As Sasha's all across the land
      Fear finding themselves in the Ice Queen's hands

  3. Wow wow wow - such a lot of fabulous goodies.
    Great to be able to put faces to some of the names.
    But where's the 'Hire a husband (Paul)' stand - that's the one I would have made a bee line to!

    1. There were lots of goodies including some of your beautiful knitwear and slippers :)
      I could not have let Paul have a stand, people could have been trampled in the rush!! :)

  4. Thank you Dee (and Paul - wonder man) for such a wonderful event again - it was lovely meeting up with everyone and enjoying all the Sasha warmth.
    Norfolk Ronnie

    1. Thanks for coming. It was great seeing you again even though there was barely time to breathe !! I hope you took home some lovely goodies! :) xx

  5. Dee, I can feel the excitement looking at your great photos!!!! How very wonderful and I knew it would be just an amazing day. The Course Dolls have just blown me away!!! I love them so very much! Your pretty girl was not alone very long. It was Course Doll heaven!! Thank you for sharing these photos, loved seeing everyone!!! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, It was buzzing and full of noise with everyone talking away nineteen to the dozen in the beginning then after the first few hours it quietened down while everyone calmed down and had a cup of tea.
      Ginger those course dolls! were wonderful I just wish I had more time to spend with them, I loved their outfits and I now so want a couple more!! :)xxx

  6. I hate clothes shopping for myself, but could have spent thousands here. What a great day it must have been!

    1. Same here Jenni, so much easier shopping for Sasha's!! Their clothes budget is much bigger than mine!! It was indeed a great day which everyone enjoyed. :)

  7. Thank you Dee for another great CnS - we enjoyed ourselves chatting to people, admiring dolls, and managed to sell a few toys for Sasha & Gregor, though I think people were more intent on getting clothes than accessories this time. My girl couldn't decide what to spend her last £10 on so has put it in the bank towards a toddler one day (she now has a little cash book for her toddler fund). It was a delight to see all those toddlers together and the course dolls and the Studio Doll project dolls. And the fairground was magnificent.

    1. Thank you, glad you and little miss dmd had a good day and it's always good to have a Sasha fund on the go in case the doll of your dreams arrives.
      So much to chose from, we could almost to with covering it all over and coming back Sunday for all those things we did not get on Saturday but now wished we had!!

  8. Fantastic photos, honestly I missed so much....but I seemed to get very stuck on the Chat part and less on the Snap bit.....I'll have to rectify that! :)
    Having said that, I'm happy with my purchases and will share them soon :)
    You really did us all proud Dee and The CNS Team!!! :) xxxx

    1. Thanks. That is the problem, you either do more of one than the other, cannot seem to get it evened out!
      looking forward to seeing what you managed to snap up !
      hugs Dee xxx