Thursday 9 October 2014


Well at least Zak is! I managed to change the poor lad out of his shorts and into a pair of Ginny of A Passion for Sasha's lovely brown cord trousers along with one of her Elliott shirts.

He's teamed it with a Dolly Doodles cream T shirt and a DD blue beanie.I bought these trousers and shirt earlier this year and then lost them!! I came across them in their plastic bags all lovely and new the other day. I do feel slightly bad that they were unused but then I feel great that there's a lovely new outfit for one of them to wear!
I do love Ginny's cords and jeans and I am planning to get a few more colours from her at the Chat n Snap.

The other lads are complaining about chilly knees! So I supposed I'd best start getting them sorted into Autumn wear too!.



  1. The first of many Autumnal changes then? He's looking very smart indeed!

    I'm dreading the very thought of starting on mine as I find that it makes such a mess everywhere with all those naked dolls lying around, all trying to find warmer clothing which causes everthing to tumble out of their clothes and shoe boxes in such a disorderly manner. Items seem to fly in every direction and end up scattered about in most of the rooms as they try to co-ordinate and personalise their outfits.

    Think that I might just turn up the central heating and leave that job until I return from the Cn'S with the excuse that there might well be a few new outfits for them to choose from!

    1. Yes the first of many! That is one of the things about having a few Sasha's , Gregor's and Babies when the seasons change it's a fair amount of work to get them into appropriate clothing!
      Seeing your words about getting them changed and the mess you make ,I wonder if the same happens when you are getting ready to go out somewhere nice? :)

      I just gather the clothes I need for a couple of dolls and do them at the same time, then move on to the next! It's putting the previous clothes away properly that I don't always get round to! Which then makes a mess for the next time!
      I'm sure your brood will be willing to await your return from the CnS knowing how you like to spend on their behalf!!!! :)
      Dee xx

  2. OK, Dee! I know your game.... you are playing the let's make neglectful Mam at Bryn Derw feel bad card.

    Some of my poor lads have slept the summer away in winter-wear. They will wake up not relizing that most of 2014 has passed them by. The first thing they'll do is go on-line to see what their friends are doing and see that 'the little lie in' I offered them was not for hours but months! Boy, will I have some explaining to do.......

    Oh well, at least that's a few I can leave in their current outfits. I do need to think about baby woolies, special Michelle uniform for the St. Mossy's Nursery school or DD outfits though. What are the best dressed infant Sashas wearing this year, please? I must keep with the other MAGS (Mums and Grandparents) of the Sasha world. Is Hattie in the mood for creating baby bobble hats post-C'n'S?

    There would be no point in changing your brood yet, Kendal. When you arrive home, they will all be stripped off down to their undies and clamouring to be the first to wear what ever goodies you take back from the C'n'S. Just imagine, clothes spread across every room at Kendallington Palace and dozens of near nude little people standing in the windows to greet you! No, it would be far better to wait and tell them that only those who are waitng patiently where you left them will have any chance of wearing something new.

    Is it two weeks to the big day now? Will all the Villagers be suitably attired for the time of year by then? Perhaps you should throw a sicky and concentrate on Sasha-ing Dee!

    1. Now would I do a thing like that! ;) I have been know to leave the odd doll still wearing an outfit for six months! and always then have to change them into something extra nice to make up for my neglect!
      The babies in the sasha world appear to be wearing lots of different outfits, so you can go whichever way suits you!

      Did you have to say the word TWO weeks!! I am still living in the .Oh there's ages yet! period!!! Oh to be so unprofessional as to throw a sicky!! However the way things have been going I may just be signed off with stress or is that attempted murder ? :)

  3. Zak does look very nice and cosy warm, not to mention, trendy, in his lovely outfit.....I look forward to seeing everyone else in their cold weather gear soon.
    I'm afraid mine will have to take pot luck as to whether I actually get around to putting them in warmer clothes....if they start to moan that their legs and arms are cold, I'll tell them to put on a cardigan and sit by the heater! Can't be doing with old moaners here ;) And as for their toes, they should thank their lucky stars that they have toes, that's what I say. Do I sound mean? LOL
    Bighugs Sharon xxx