Friday, 2 January 2015


Mossy is still looking at the socks

When Hattie arrives
" At Last!" she exclaims "There they are!"

She picks up the empty tins and places them on the coffee table.
"I wonder who took my empty tins!" she ponders " I have been keeping them since last Christmas to use for storing my buttons and things"

Looking about she sees the socks left scattered across the floor!  "What!"

Mossy decides to go back behind his book ,while Hattie tutting at the mess begins to pick up all the socks.

Soon they are all on the coffee table next to the tins.

Sitting down for a moment on the sofa Hattie says " Hello Mossy what are you doing? "
Surprised that he'd been seen , Mossy looks over his book at Hattie and says " Just reading"

Hattie picks up Mossy's card, that's been sitting on the back of the sofa unnoticed for days!
Mossy trembles with excitement At Last!Someone's looking at HIS card!

 Mossy puts down his book and listens while Hattie reads out the card.

Hattie gives Mossy a little hug " What a lovely card Mossy , what are you going to do with it now Christmas is over ? "

Hattie gives Mossy his card " I don't know what to do with it " says Mossy a little sadly " I want to keep it safe "

"Well then " says Hattie " we must find something to store it in to keep it nice and safe " she thinks " I have been told of someone who keeps them in a basket, so they can read them through Christmas"

Hattie looks over at her tins " Maybe one of my tins would do? " she thinks for a while " I think they are all too small unless you fold the card and we don't want to do that!"
" We Don't ? " questions Mossy
" Oh No " says Hattie " It would ruin it"
"It would? "
" I know we need a chest!"
" A chest!" says Mossy in awe , he's so glad he'd sat here for days waiting for someone to see his card  and he was so glad it was Hattie ! A Chest! just like treasure !
"Yes  Yes " says Mossy excitedly " Do you have a Chest I could use!"
" No Sorry!" she replies
Mossy glares! that Hattie talking about a chest she does not even have ! what a sort of behaviour is that! Now he was going to have to find a chest for his card!
Hattie totally unaware of Mossy's thoughts sits enjoying the quiet before the others arrive.



  1. Oh poor Mr Mossy! Bless him. So that's why he has been sitting there for so long hoping that someone would notice HIS card.
    I must admit that I DID see it there but thought nothing of it. Good old Hattie! She came to the rescue once again.

    Pleased to see that the mystery of the missing chocs and bicuits has finally been solved. There weren't any ever there in the first place! Very clever thinking Denise! .....and here's us blaming 'all and sundry.' We should have remembered the saying 'Innocent until proven guilty!'

    1. Yes Poor Mossy sitting day in day out patiently waiting for someone..anyone to see HIS card! finally Hattie arrives :)
      Thank you Kendal, it just goes to show how quick we are to place blame when in fact there actually may be none to start with!! :) x

    2. Oh how very clever! I was convinced that it was Mossy or Lucas but didn't really want either of them to really be caught as the culprit and get punished for it! Just goes to show, doesn't it!

  2. Okay...what do the white letters 'S' and 'A' in the scenes mean...are you spelling out the name of a new arrival Dee...or maybe you are going to call your new doll 'AS'...short but catchy :)

    1. Is there no secrets ? They mean S and dare I say A :) they are just what you see, for decoration...I know I should have another blog post ready with S and A being of prime importance BUT no I do not..:) and no new doll on the horizon that I know of.... :)

    2. I've been wondering this but didn't want to ask until I had given the initials 'A' and 'S' some more thought. I'm a bit competitive (as if you didn't already know) and don't like things to get the better of me if it can be helped.
      So far I've come up with them being the first two letters of the word 'Sasha.'

    3. They are from letter's I used in a blog post from when Paige arrived which was a couple of years back now!
      I'm going to be worried about what I leave lying about the room's at this rate!! :)

    4. ;) :) Aww! I thought I had discovered a clue :)

  3. Poor Mr. Mossy! He so wants his mail to be noticed. How is it that, though he can be boastful and (sh! I didn't say this if you are asked...) a bit of pain, he is often forgotten and his little bit of news is ignored?

    Good old Hattie! Mossy's Little Miss is definitely the right one for him - with or without the required card holding chest.

    1. Yes for once it is Poor Mossy but the problem is he does like to be the centre of attention or top bear so to speak but life is happening around him and well people have other things to be doing and he just needs to accept it!
      Hattie is not Mossy's little Miss that's Ginny whose been out and about visiting with her sisters but she knows Hattie will see to Mossy when she's not there!
      I wonder if she's got a Chest he can use for his card?.... :)

  4. Well, the mystery of the empty tins has been solved! Thank you Hattie! Now, where will a proper size chest come from to safely keep Mr. Mossy's card? I noticed the card too but thought it might be a Halloween card left over with the black cats in a row looking at the moon! Did not make out Santa and sleigh until now. A very nice card!!! :) xxx

    1. Yes , now we have to find Mossy a Chest!! I'm sure he won't want just a plain old box now Hattie mentioned the word Chest!! :)xxx

  5. Poor little Mossy, forever hopeful! I hope he finds somewhere nice and safe to keep his card!
    I did wonder what he was doing there hiding behind that book of his :)
    big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I hope he does too! I don't think I could cope with the fallout if something was to happen to it!! hugs Dee xxx

  6. Well done Dee, a salomonic solution!
    (But I'm not really sure... perhaps one day, one find a pile of cookies under (or in) any place there?)

    And does Mossy, the clairvoiyant, see a chest coming? (I do remember well the storm last year.)
    Well, I'll wait and see

  7. This is possible that there could one day be found a pile of moldy crumbles! :)

    Mossy sees a lot of things but some are just wishful thinking and not from his emerald power!! :)