Saturday 17 January 2015


Some of the bears have gathered round Mr Dad's computer to catch up on the world news.

"Ooo what a hunk ! " sighs Aimee " I'd love to meet him!"
" Me too " Gertie replies

Edwards shaking his head and tutting at the newsreader bears words
Mossy does not understand a word!

"What's he saying ? " asks Mossy looking at the tutting Edward
" Oh Dear Oh dear !" mutters Edward watching the news

" I wonder if he ever goes out and about to do his reports? " says Aimee
" He could come and report to me any day !" giggles Gertie
" I can report you " offers Gunther who's taken a shine to Gertie
But the girls are too full of watching the handsome bear on the Computer screen.

Finishing his  news report Edward freezes the screen and Aimee collapses giggling " What a hunk! I think I'm in love!"
Gunther is pacing back and forth talking in German with the odd English word thrown in.

"What are you on about Gunther? " Gertie asks over the giggling Aimee
" March we must !" he says passionately " To save them March!"
"Uh? "
Gunther rushes away.

"What's going on!" demands a worried Mossy
Edward explains that Mrs Digne in Germany is marching to save the little farms and their animals and the bees and their honey "
While Edward repeats himself as Mossy looks on mystified Gunther returns...

"Come WE GO!" commands Gunther waving his banner " We help save them!"

"What's that say? " asks Gertie
" Fur Gesunde Bienen ! Und Reichlich Honig !" says Gunther
Gertie rolls her eyes " I can see that!" she states " But what does it mean!"

" Say Save the bees and the honey!" he states turning and beginning to march off " Come!"
Gertie looks at the marching Gunther , she thinks he's quite cute with his fur all ruffled up!
" Come on Aimee lets go march with our Gunther and save the bees "
" and the honey " finishes Aimee getting up and following after Gertie and Gunther.

Mossy sits stunned at Edwards words while Edward follows Gunther out of the room asking where they are going to march? for a moment Gunther pauses and then heads towards the Kitchen " We must check on supplies! "

Mossy eats his jam tart without even realising while he ponders Edwards words about the bees and the Honey.

No more Honey sandwiches! he'd starve ! A bear cannot live on jam tarts and chocolate and cakes alone! A bear needs HONEY to survive! He makes a decision.

He faces the camera.

"This is an appeal on behalf of all the bees out there! If you want the world to have Honey and pollinate the flowers and save all your ar.... " He remembers what Mrs Mum said about naughty words " all your futures! You must do what you can to keep places for the bees in your gardens , fields and farms  !"

He picks up a jam tart, he waves it at the camera " A bear cannot live by jam tarts alone! We need HONEY and for Honey we need the BEES, so It's your responsibility to make sure that the bees don't buzz off!!
Capiche ? "
He quick demolishes the tart before addressing the camera again

" And Mrs Digne if you are listening " he says seriously " Can you send a couple of those chairs your news bear was sitting on , send the bill to Mrs Mum but don't tell her it was me!" he smiles at the camera
" This is Mossy the green reporting from the Sasha Village, Good evening "



  1. Fear not, little green eyed bear person. I have persuaded the humans whom I allow to live here and pretend they own and run the place that they should shell out the pounds and pennies to buy bee hives. I will personally ensure that you receive a jar of Welsh honey (large) to keep you going.
    We don't have commercial crops growing here so there is not much spraying going on and our bumble bees are doing well, so honey bees should be fine too.

    None the less, small bear, you should not be sitting on your arxxxxxxx behind, doing nothing whilst others march. No insects to pollinate the blossoms means that there will be no fruit to make jam with and no chocolate either. Our two hives can't feed every bear in the world. On your hind paws lad and march for bees!

    March lad, march! Your little tum's well-being depends on action!

    Growley Bear (President of The Bryn Derw Action for Real Food For Bears Group)

    1. Dear Mr Moany I mean Growley
      Thank you for your email.That's very good that you made your people make welsh Honey and I would love to have a BIGGEST jar of it, thank you. I can I am afraid not march as I have a terrible sense and would direction lost and then everyone spends the time looking for me and all sorts of trouble happens , sO It's best I stay home and make Honey sandwiches to taste, I mean test the quality .
      Yours not at all sincerely
      Mossy the Green

    2. Aha, I see!
      Do forgive me, dear Mossy the Green. I had no idea you played such a vital role in La Gastronomie De Les Ours. If there is nobeary to keep an eye on quality control, there could be no limit to the poor quality honey that may slip into our specialised diet. Have you SEEN those adverts where poor, dear Sir Paddington Bear has been reduced to eating MARMITE!!!

      Poor, poor Sir P, what a decline has befallen him over the years. First he had to eat MARMALADE instead of honey and now he even has to eat the salty brown stuff that is so popular in this house! I can't believe he eats such stuff by choice.

      So, dear chap, keep up the good work. Your knowledge of a correct ursine diet is indispensible.

      We are sending you a large jar of Welsh honey and a jar of Welsh marmalde with honey some time this week. The honey is a personal present, though please take care not to fall into it as it would be difficult to climb out. Also, I would like you to try the latter to see whether, should pure honey become impossibly expensive, there is any possibility of us surviving on a mix. Should it be too disgusting, just shove it in the humans' cupboard. If they are anything like our lot, they'll think they bought it themselves and eat it with gusto. (Their taste buds are not too well developed, poor creatures.)

      With greatest respect for your invaluable role in the field of food research,
      Your affectionate older friend,
      Growley Bear

    3. Dear Mr Growley
      WE don't like MARMITE Mrs Mum calls it the work of the Devil! I think Mr Dad may like it but never seen a jar in THIS HOUSE!!
      Mrs Mum likes marmalade especially LEMON but she does not DO peel! So don't know if that Paddington bear fellow would like that one?
      We look forward to the BIG jar of WELSH honey and the funny honey you be sending, did you know that honey is a great for putting on cuts and things?
      Well I have to get back to testing those Honey cakes that Mrs Mum made with what was left in the bottom of all the jars I ate!
      with more affection than last time
      Mossy The Green, Seer bear extraordinaire !

  2. Great post! I too love a bit of 'team spiritedness' BUT where were the rest of your little Bramber Bears to march and support the cause? (Hopefully not in the kitchen helping themselves to some honey sandwiches whilst there's still some honey left in the world?)
    Perhaps you might have to have your own beehive in the forthcoming future as there's plenty of room for one or two in that lovely never ending garden of yours?

    1. Thanks Kendal. The rest of the bears are not in the kitchens they are out panic buying in the local shops and supermarkets, so if you cannot get a jar f Honey next week you know why, mind you they prefer the British and European varieties they don't think you should buy from further afield due to the Air miles effecting the taste!
      Mr Dada has considered putting in a bee hive in amongst the flowers at the end of the garden, so you never know!

  3. I loved this post Dee! It's good to see some solidarity amongst bears....I will have to muster up my bear popularity, although they are not too worried about their honey at the moment as the garden was full of bees yesterday! It's raining today though so no bees, in fact no garden for any of us as it's a bit cold!
    I love the banner waving by Gunther too :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. The bears like to keep up with the news especially Edward.
      Yes all bears need to watch out for the bees! and the honey supplies!
      Hugs Dee xx

  4. First of all- thanks so much, Dee.
    Bad politics are not a joy to live with and I'm always suffering for whats going so very wrong in many ways in Germany and Europe.
    But watching your bears made me laugh, reminding me to the good things we have and share.

    And Dankeschoen to the great Village bears and Mr. Mossy,
    who I'm admiring for understanding and explaining the effects of politics to his life!
    That's more as most of the gemans are able to grasp *sigh*

    1. Thank you Anne, it's people like yourself who care enough to march that makes the difference.
      I'm glad my bears could cheer you up.
      Mr Mossy as a very simple take on life but sometimes that's all it needs :)

  5. Absolutely brilliant - between you and Anne you're keeping me laughing this weekend even though this is a very serious subject. I hope you do get a beehive in your big garden this year.

    1. We aim to please ! :) It is indeed a serious subject and we are considering getting some bee's once Paul's done a course on Bee Keeping. But not sure if it will be this year or next! :)

    2. There are different ways of beekeeping, Dee.
      The important thing is keeping them as much as possible near to their needs.

      In german this is 'artgemäß', it seems there is no word in english.
      It means to keep them 'to achieve a behaviour appropriate to the species' (?)

      Inside any 'scene' there are different opinions. They say in gemany:
      "2 beekeepers = 3 opinions".
      But I think, keeping Bees against their needs (to get more and MUCH more honey) is outdated.
      But in germany sadly usual beekeeping-courses are teaching exactly this outmoded attitude.

      I just found out it's called 'Natural Beekeeping' or 'bee-friendly beekeeping' in England -with a short introduction video by Phil Chandler.

      Good Luck!
      (I got 3 beehives now, hoping they'll survive the winter.)