Friday 30 January 2015


Another few lads have arrived to take their places in TEAM TRENDON.

First up

From Spain we have Emilio Trendon an associate member, his mum very kindly sent me a couple of photo's to chose from and I have picked this one, as I think it shows his handsome face.

Emilio loves to garden so would fit right in here, where the DH would have him out digging and planting as soon as it starts to warm up in a month or so.!

also becoming an associate member today is

Is Tyler Trendon whose mum Saphira sent him along to join Team Trendon to help boost the reds!

A closer look at this red haired handsome lad.I love the colour of his sweater.

Also joining is a Full TRENDON TEAM member

Another red haired lad, this is TRENDON TURNER and he belongs to Jenni's Mum.

He'd been hanging about in a vest , so he was quickly found some clothes more suitable to joining TEAM TRENDON and appears before you in a lovely warm green sweater and hat.

So they are arriving thick and fast and I know they are still a couple more stragglers!! Will they make it or will I have to give a small extension.........



  1. Another trio of super looking boys....
    I remember Emilio...he was one of my ex boys...fantastic detail in his eyes.....sigh...!!

  2. My mum has another Trendon member, however he needs a restring and we aren't sure when he's visiting Brenda, he might have to have his ebay picture :-/ lol x

  3. Phew, I'm glad Emilio Trendon put himself forward in time, it was cutting it a bit fine as he was out in the garden doing a bit of planting and weeding! :)
    Yes, Ronny, he was your boy once, or a head anyway! He 'acquired' his body in a sort of Burke and Hare way....LOL....snatching it from a poor Sasha that I fell out of love with!! ;)
    A nice pair of redheads here goodness the Team Trendon is a very varied bunch :)
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. I remember I used his body for spares...but felt very bad as he had the most beautiful eyes :)

  4. Wonderful new additions of very handsome boys! Welcome boys!!! :) xxx

  5. The guys look great, all nicely presented. I keep wondering what will happen when they all get together....will they stay that way or will there be mayhem??? Clean tidy boys seem like an oxymoron!! Great to see so many good looking young men...Carol

  6. Now this is getting much more like it! Welcome boys.
    The CnS needs a table FULL of these handsome/macho/sporty TEAM T*R*E*N*D*O*N lads (both founding and associate members) to get that 'WOW' factor that we're after to topple those pretty/beautiful/attractive Sasha girls off the main pedestal for once.

  7. Ohhh to see them all together is great! I think Tyler feels well between his new Trendon family AAAAND Turner... they look really like brothers! Thanks for this great idea and your posts!