Friday 2 January 2015


Lucas is training his dog Socks!

"Come on Socks! Fetch!" commands Lucas waving a sock? at his dog Socks!

Socks flips a sock up and it lands on his nose!!
Lucas giggles while Socks struggles to see. Lucas turns to move further into the room.

and sees the large snowman's head left by the older children on the sofa!
" Wow!" says Lucas in awe at such a big snowman !

"Where you body? " wonders Lucas looking with delight at the head.

"You mine!" states Lucas going up to the head " you be in my lection!"

Socks watches closely the socks stored in Lucas's hood in case one falls and he can fetch it!

Lucas pulls the head down from the sofa.

Lucas grabs the snowman's hat and pulls him towards the door " We find you body then you be giant snows man!" he says with glee and heads off in search of a body.
Socks is disappointed that Lucas is not throwing him any more socks! But brightens up when he hears Lucas say something about digging!!

 Mossy Peeps out from behind the book and looks at the socks left lying on the floor , Mrs Mum will not be happy about that!.



  1. Hehe fun, love the bookcase too!x

    1. Thanks Louise, the bookcases have worked out well :)x

  2. Such a lifelike scene! The socks, that are alone aways in the end. The child playing relaxed, but causing a mess, and the priceless mossy peeping from behind his book.

    What a happy family ;)
    (And sophisticated. I see Goethes 'Faust' in the bookcase *g

    1. Thank you Anne, that is what I try to aim for! :)
      I believe one of the children is a genius! so must be well read!! :)x

  3. In amongst all the ongoing activities I tool was delighted to see close-ups of the two new bookcases and their contents.

    Can't think of what he can use for the snowman's body unless it's a ball of somekind.

    Loving the use of this word 'mine' instead of my!

    Can't get over the fact that Mr Mossy is STILL reading or is he just hiding behind the book having eaten all the biscuits and chocs so not wanting to draw attention to an enlarged tummy.

    1. Glad you like the bookcases and their contents. I love looking a peoples shelves or cupboards that hold their treasures:)
      I hope he does not find a body for that snowman's head as I have no idea where he can put it!!
      The tale of Mr Mossy and the empty tins is all ready and waiting to be published!! either later today or first thing tomorrow..... :)

    2. I'm longing for that.
      You know, I'm mostly reading criminalstories. Often from english authors, like fe Dorothy Sayers or E.A.Poe or Colin Cotterill :)

    3. I will put it on later ;)

  4. I loved the sock story Dee! Where's toddler she still around or moved on?

    1. Thanks. Storm emigrated to Canada to get away from Lucas! She may return one day but who knows..

  5. Great story Dee! What an adorable little dog Socks is and perfect for Lucas with his cute little sock ears and sock tail! Mr. Mossy faithfully planted behind his book is certainly perking our interest. I look forward to the revealing posts to come! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, he is the perfect dog for Lucas.
      Mr Mossy's reasons for sitting reading those's books becomes clear in the next pots:)xx

  6. What a great post. Does Judith know that what she thinks of as a hood, is actual a storage bag for a sock lection?

    Isn't Lucas lucky to have his very own dog?
    But the biscuits and sweets.... who has stolen them ( I think Mrs. Mum ate them all)
    J x

    1. Thanks Jen :) I'm sure Judith will be surprised just how versatile her hoodies are!! :)
      Lucas is very lucky to have his own dog, I am hoping it will help in resolving his 'issues' :)
      Moi! I'll have you know there is still Christmas cake in the cupboard ..mainly because I prefer gateaux with cream..Mmmm...sorry Jen just have to pop down the shops forgot to buy something when I was out this morning.. bye :)xx

  7. Cute story but shouldn't young Lucas actually be wearing some of these socks as I think his little feet might be bare inside those blue shoes of his! Maybe he needs some thinner ones to be able to fit the shoes on at the same time.
    Lovely little dog, a friend of mine has a dog called Socks!
    I like seeing the things on the book shelves, I have the very same globe but mine is in my dolls house :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Yes Lucas does need to find some socks that are thin enough to fit inside those shoes!
      The globe on the book shelve is a pencil sharpener as is the Phone on the desk and the hurricane lamp on the chest of drawers!
      I do love that little dog :)
      hugs Dee xxx