Saturday 3 January 2015


Toby tells Lucas that's he's left a letter that arrived for Lucas in the children's playroom.
Lucas followed by Socks goes to look.

"Off Alfie OFF! " commands Lucas

"Socks ! " Lucas sighs " Get off I cannot see it!"
Socks looks about , he cannot see it either!

Lucas loves the picture of happy Snowmen on the front of the letter.

He opens it and pulls out a piece of paper covered in words. "Lo Lucas this is for you from someone!"
says Lucas, who of course cannot read, being only three, he then pulls out a lovely gift and carries it over to the sofa.

Socks jumps up beside Lucas as he opens the books and looks at the pictures " Look Socks, there is snow in this book!"

Lucas looks at his books, he needs to find someone to read them to him.

Leaving the books on the sofa , Lucas picks up his snowman picture and call Socks from the sofa
"Come on Socks , let find someone to read to us !"
Socks would rather play find the sock! or even bury the sock! he does like that one!

 Alfie comes out from under the desk and looks at Lucas and Socks, he tuts a doggy tut! Don't they know dogs are not allowed on the sofa!!

Alfie retreats to the desk while Lucas picks up the letter having decided that he'll need that read too!

He's about to leave when he remembers something that arrived and he hid ! Deciding he likes his new books better he pulls it from under the sofa and leaves it on the coffee table.

"That book got no pictures so I leave it for them's big brothers Toby and Zak " say Lucas generously " that book was meant for us as it had a card with all the socks washing line in it!But new books better so we leave it "

Lucas heads for the door while Socks sniffs the book Lucas left on the table.
"Come on! Socks! " calls Lucas
Socks is sure he's seen that book before but he'd best hurry or Lucas will leave him behind, so he hurries off after his young master in search of socks... well he's not bothered what's in that paper thing!


Well I would like to thank Storm and Carol from Canada for Lucas's two books and the snowman pictured envelope and Anne and the Commoneo's for the magic book and card and Kim  & Tom for the teddy sled and gingerbread house.
Lovely perfectly sized gift for the Sasha Village.



  1. Hi Lukey
    You get nice stuff. Want know what the book and things say. Tell me soon.

    PS (think that means psst, secret?) I got a dog from your Auntie Michelle too - well, me and the other littler kids to share, but I training him. He good at helping me get sweets and cakes from high shelfs where Dada thinks I can't get 'em.

    1. Hi Connor
      that good you get dog! what him name? mine dog Socks cos he got socks ears!!
      That good you dog finds cake, am going to see if socks like cake!
      see ya

  2. What a lot of lovely books and correspondance coming in to the Sasha Village.
    There are a few little items to come from here too once I get around to bringing myself back down to earth after a superb Christmas.
    (I've decided NOT to bother putting the rest of the baubles onto the tree as it's nearly time now to take it down.)

    1. We have been very fortunate this Christmas with books and letters.
      All our dec's are down and away apart from the outside lights and the Christmas tree which is just waiting to go back in it's box,but due to all the rain we had today, we are waiting until tomorrow to finish up.

  3. What precious gifts for Lucas and the Village!!! So nice and I love the dog thoughts and exchanges going on with the story. Thanks Dee!!! :) xxx

    1. Thank Ginger , glad you enjoyed the story:)xxx

  4. Lucas and the dogs are so funny! Love his character :)

    And nice to see, all arrives late -but save at the village.

    1. Many Thanks for the Magic book Anne, The children love it. It has been here for a few days I just needed to add it in a story at the right time! :)

  5. Awww how sweet that people are thinking of Lucas and sending him nice things....he may be a little menace sometimes, but he's a loveable menace!! ;)
    I too got one of those little books from Anne, I need to email her and thank her too :)
    Don't you just love books of all sorts!!! :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. It's nice that people are starting to see he's just a lost little boy who needs all th love he can get :)
      I do most certainly LOVE books of all sorts and sizes!! :)
      hugs Dee xx