Thursday, 1 January 2015


Yes I bet you were all wondering WHAT could she do this year, She's done the year of the REDS, THE BLONDES and THE BRUNETTES so what's left!
I did consider going with Ronny's suggestion of the year of the Gotz!  Or the year of the Studio Sasha but then I would have had to find twelve studio dolls photo's that people were happy to share.
Then I thought about having a Competition for the Christmas plate and that led to this years theme.

So I will be holding a Competition EVERY MONTH this year giving someone the chance to win a Sasha related item, only this first month's will not be Sasha related.

So Here's the Competition and how to enter and maybe win.


The competition will open to Sasha collectors.
The prize for each month will be shown on or around the 1st of each month.
You have from the 1st to the 15th to send me a photo, that is Sasha related, it can be one Sasha , twenty Sasha's Gregors Babies or however many you like ! It can even have no Sasha's in it but maybe a room setting ready for  the Sasha's or a pile of  Sasha clothes as long as I can see the connection it will be entered, my decision is final.
You can only have one photo per person in the competition each month.

On the 16th all the photo's will be put onto the blog with numbers for each one, no names.
Then from the 16th until ten pm on the 25th you can vote on a photo by leaving a comment with the number of the photo YOU think should win.
Only one vote per person per monthly competition.

The name of the winner will be announced on the 26th and they will receive that months prize.
I will not vote unless there is a draw then I will have the casting vote.

In DECEMBER the monthly comp will end on 25th then from the 26th until the 10 pm on the 30th all the winning photo's will be shown again for YOU all to vote for the best photo of the year!
The winner will receive a lovely prize for her Sasha's which will be shown when the winner is announced on the 30th or 31st.

If you are unable to leave a comment, you can vote by sending me an email with the number of the photo you wish to vote for and I will add it .My email is on the sales page.

So get clicking! you have got to be in it to win it!!

Good luck


Please note that the plate is not perfect but a second with a very small red line on it as shown.Other than that it's a lovely plate.



  1. Great idea.
    Good luck to all who enter.
    Happy New Year to everyone who views this wonderful blogspot.

  2. Aww! I am Cr*p with a camera :)
    Can't you do the year of the Gotz instead ?! :)

    1. Telling such porkies and so early in the year!!!! :) am shocked of the village!! lol

    2. ;) :) Nothing I say or do shocks you!!!! But I do try hard!!

    3. You are VERY trying!!! :))

  3. Good luck to all who enter the competition, it is pretty :)

  4. Do 'the photo' have to reflect the month in any way?

    Ah, got some nice ideas - photographing a yellow dress (from DD) on snow,
    on a ice pudle, on a lawn with daisies, on a clothesline in the sun (and in the rain:),
    on the beach, on coloured leafs, on a red couch, under a red umbrella, on a christmastree...
    having a real 'artsy' calendar in the end.

    But winning no competition...

  5. It can reflex the month if you want but it does not have to! t can be anything you like that fits the bill!
    You have to enter it to find out if you win, you may be the only person to enter and then get all the votes who will know, you'll have twelve chances, one every month and then if you win one month you'll have another chance for to win the big one!!!!