Sunday 18 January 2015

TWO MORE FOR TEAM T * R * E * N * D * O * N

Two more lads have come forward to join Team TRENDON.

First up we have this handsome lad .

Trendon Commoneo , this lad is ready to assist with his  can of petrol if you break down!'
He will travel over with his Mum from germany to make the first full meeting of the team in October.

and also joining today is

This action lad belongs to Louise's Mum Gill, now I have to confess that I removed his photo from the email forgot to see if he's a full TRENDON member with the first name Trendon or an associate member with another first name followed by Trendon.

I have just been back into my emails to try and find his email only to give up due to the amount in there ! So maybe Louise can put a comment to give this info and then I will add it here!!

So the numbers of Team Trendon are slowly mounting, I know of at least Three more lads hoping o join the team in the next few weeks!

So keep them coming!

NB It's been confirmed HE is a FULL Trendon :)



  1. Two more lovely lads! Both have wonderful, distinctive looks.
    Now saving for new boy G*O*T*Z. Just Gotz to have one or Bertie will never forgive me. Poor Bertie has a secret - he is part Gotz and part Trendon and feels the need to have both sides of his family tree honoured.

  2. Another two very handsome lads to join Team T*R*E*N*D*O*N. Does that now make NINE of them so far?
    I have yet to choose my apprentice lad from the only two (though must check if another is 1970 or later) Trendons left here, the rest are definitely the earlier Fridos.

  3. Another handsome pair of lads to join the Team Trendon :) I'm sure those Sasha girls are going to be SWOONING at the CnS when this gorgeous crowd shows up!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  4. What a great looking team!!

  5. He's a full Trendon Dee :) x

  6. Yay, some more Trendons.
    (Mmh, but in school it's quite better not to share a name with the whole class. Poor teacher! :)

  7. The class full of Trendon lads is growing - their teacher will be very confused when they all say 'hi, I'm Trendon'. Two great new additions to the gang.

  8. Welcome boys to team Trendon! What a handsome pair of lads! :) xxx