Wednesday 14 January 2015


That the photo's to win the first of the monthly prizes, needs to be received by 6 pm tomorrow in order to take part in this months competition.

So get those photo's in, remember anything Sasha or Sasha related.

The ticket's for the Chat n Snap are going very well, already have 36 attendee's and they have only been on sale for 48 hours.

Some people have been having trouble getting into the link to the Chat n Snap page, I have moved it along page bar and hopefully every one can now gain access. If you are still unable to see, let me know by email and I will email you whats on the page.

Even the boys want to come along to the Chat n Snap! Not because of the shopping and Chatting but because they want to meet up with all their mates and see the Team Trendon Lads !



  1. Oh, I don't know.... I'm sure if you let them loose round the Dollydoodles store with a wallet full of your millions, they will be more than happy to shop..........

  2. I think you are right there Jen...boys like looking good just like the girls do!

  3. Fabulous line of boys Dee!!! Love them very much!!! Just something very special about seeing wonderful Sasha dolls all in a row!!! Great post!!! :) xxx

  4. Lovely boys! I know of a 'boy' who could shop really well as long as it's in the Nike Store or maybe Game, I'm sure these boys would love to be let loose in a fun place for a bit of shopping!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx