Monday 26 January 2015

YET MORE T * R * E * N * D * O * N LADS

First up we have Trendon Jordan

 A surfer lad all the way from Cornwall! He belongs to Joyce Jordan and so Is Trendon Jordan another Full founding member of the TEAM TRENDON.

Now we have Trendon Elliot joining as a full founding member of TEAM TRENDON, this handsome lad is now living with Doll Mum and Dmd.

 Also joining today is James Trendon from Kendal an associate member , looking very serious on top of his tank!

So THREE more lads join  TEAM  TRENDON  numbers are slowly rising and there are still a couple more to arrive!



  1. Three handsome lads! And all blonds :)
    It's going to get very confusing if someone shouts out TRENDON at the Chat n Snap....there'll be a stampede for sure! ;)
    Hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Super looking boys! Love all the different outfits. They are all clean & tidy right now. Wonder if they will stay that way when they all get together? Look forward to getting a group photo on the day...Carol (from Canada)

  3. Yay!
    Some more Trendon!
    We have to call them with their surname, so we get no confusion. (Having wired tongues then :)

    Perhaps we can make a colage with all of them?

  4. Well I guess that blonde hair with blue eyes is more the English colouring.

    As my founder T*R*E*N*D*O*N boy is sporting my favourite Trendon colouring of brown eyes/brunette hair I though that I'd go for the opposite colouring for my associate member (being as my red haired Gregor Shorts lad is a Frido.)

    My two here are greatly looking forward to getting to know the other the TEAM T*R*E*N*D*O*N meeting in October.

  5. Hello Boys! Welcome to the crew!

  6. Hello Boys! Welcome to the crew!

  7. It's not me...repeating myself it is this computer...:)

    1. I'm always giggling by watching your posts...

  8. Lovely bunch of lads. I'm thinking that maybe I really need to give one of my lads the middle name of Trendon, so that he can join in at the CnS, all being well!
    I'll let you know very soon Dee if that's ok?
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

  9. Welcome boys!!! A very handsome addition to the Trendon group! :) xxx