Friday 23 January 2015


Over in the Sasha Village all's quiet..

 The children are all out and it looks like the bears are all resting.

"Why you all lay bout?" demands Gunther " You did only march to end of the road for the bees!"

Mossy sits up quickly " IT is a very LONG ROAD!" he says irritated
Gunther's not impressed " You no need to rest because you only went half way!"
"That's because it was getting dark! " says Mossy " and Mrs Mum insists we are in before dark!"

"Woo Hoo Gunthie !! " calls Aimee
"and I will have you know " continues Mossy ignoring Aimee cooing at Gunther!" We are protesting! "
"About what? " asks a confused Gunther
" About not having any bear chairs! " says Mossy " We are showing solidarity with our bear friend's in the Commoneo's who also have no bear chairs! "
" They have one chair " Aimee corrects Mossy

"One chair between any many bears is NOT enough!" mutters Mossy laying back down, just as Gertie sits
"What's all this noise I was just having a nice sleep! " she yawns
"Gunthie come and lay next to me , we can protest together " calls Aimee

Gunther finally looks over towards the sofa , having heard Gertie speak.

Gunther climbs onto the sofa and whisper's in Diggory's ear.
" Why Certainly old boy certainly " replies Diggory.

Diggory moves over to the middle of the sofa while Gunther addresses Gertie.

" My Lady you must allow your Gunther to lay on the arm of this sofa "
Gertie looks puzzled at Gunther " Why? "
" Because mine liebling you may fall " he smiles " come Diggory he move so you can snuggle here where I may prote..I may keep watch "

Hugo looks at Alfie " If I fall can I land on you? "
"Woof" says Alfie

Hugo rolls onto his back while Alfie watches carefully in case he over rolls and falls! He's given his Woof he must be on guard!

The bears on the sofa have moved about all but Aimee.
"Well I think Silvester is such a HUNK!" she says snifferly but Gunther's too busy watching Gertie fall asleep , her large snores shaking the sofa , Gunther sighs happily his Gertie has such a good loud snore!

While Diggory wonders whose started drilling outside just when he's trying to nod off!

Hugo's fed up with laying about " I'm hungry " he moans " My tummy is empty!" "Woof " Alfie agrees , he won't mind a bone to gnaw on!

Lennon whose been protesting on the armchair sits up " Me too  lad!" he says " Can you smell them honey cakes Mrs Mum's been baking all afternoon ready for when the children return !"
Suddenly all the bears apart from Diggory ,who lost his sense of smell long ago, start sniffing and within moments the room empties of most of the bears nearly knocking down a late comer in their rush to reach the kitchen first!

" Sorry I'm late " says Snowy " I had to wait until the Quinn fell asleep before I could get away!"
Diggory looks confused " late for what? "

"The protest!" says Snowy moving onto the arm of the sofa
"What protest? "
Knowing all about Diggory's poor memory Snowy says " Oh don't worry , lets just lie down for a little while and hope Mrs Mum gets us some chairs!"

Diggory and Snowy lay down, luckily Gertie's snoring as quieten down. " I don't know why we need chairs when we have these lovely comfy sofa's " wonders Diggory drifting off to sleep.



  1. Thanks!
    So lovely watching the Village bears commenting their day - and problems. What a nice bunch of furry familymembers.
    And do we follow here the beginning of a lovestory?

    Pssst: a parcel was packed today and will be sent tomorow.
    Just wait and (try to) trust the german post :)

    1. They are a lovely bunch or should I say Hug of Bears! But they do get through an awful lot of Honey!
      Gunther is smitten with Gertie but I am not sure Gertie's really noticed!!

      We look forward to the parcel arriving ;)

  2. Great to see all your Bear Family out in force!

    1. Let's hope they don't make a take over bid for the SASHA village!! :)

  3. Hold up! Surely with the exception of any pregnant bears or Polar bears...shouldn't your bears be HIBERNATING during the winter :)

    1. Listen Icy when I suggested that the other year It took me three days and hundreds of Jars of Honey and Honey cakes to get them to come out of hiding. They informed me , long and very loud that they don't do CAVES and they don't do Missing their Little Misses and Masters, so I was to get with the programme and turn up the heating!! :)

  4. No, no Majestic Ice Lady, Only in houses as cold as this one, where the boiler has finally given up trying, do bears need to hibernate.

    On the whole, we bears are civilized, have moved forward into the 21st century and have central heating. Hibernating is only for impoverished bears who either live in the forest or who have the misfortune to live with my humans.

    Goodnight, see you in May, or when ever this lot fix the boiler.

    Growley Bear.....zzzzzzzz

    1. Hello Growley
      Sorry to hear that your human's have let the heating break down! You just cannot trust them! You should demand that you and all the other bears in the house get to sleep in their big bed in the very middle and they are not to complain about yours and the others cold paws whacking them in the head and neck and elsewhere during the night and they must NOT mention anyone's snoring, they just have to suffer in silence until the man comes to fix the boiler or brings a new one.

      all the best
      Mossy the Green

  5. Ah, Mossy, I spent many, many years sharing HER bed, along with two other bears, a golly, two rabbits, a knitted penguin a Steiff fox terrier and pyjama eating dog. When we went to boarding school for a year or two (the older ones got so sick of HER they left her behind when they went to the Persian Gulf to work and, of course, she made me go with her) she took the pj dog too and I had to listen to him going on about chasing sticks and rounding sheep all day long whilst SHE was in class.

    That dog still eats pyjamas every morning but I now expect a chair of my own to snooze in. I have been squished and kicked all through my youth, ignored in my middle years and now I DEMAND RESPECT and A DEGREE OF COMFORT in my retirement years........

    In fact, I think I might join you and the Commoneo bears in a lie down protest, but in my case I DEMAND MY OWN BED!!!

    1. PS You should here HI snore! We bears could never be so loud. I would need ear plugs and armour to survive in their bed.

    2. Dear Growley

      Sounds like your own bed would be best if she's that bad and snoring so loud! Mrs Mum's bad for that, Mr Dad thinks a planes coming into land and keeps ducking!!
      I hope you get your degree in comfort , what university did you get it from?
      Your friend
      Mossy the Green

  6. Cold here too, any self respecting bear has LONG moved out.....well except for one, and he's too embarrassed to show himself on account of the slippers he's having to wear to keep his tootsies warm..... photo maybe later!
    I do agree though that these bears should have their own seating.....fill a sack with a bit of straw....that'll stop 'em from moaning about their lot...which I have to say, should be a very happy one LOL
    big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. A bear in slippers! Sounds sweet . I would think it's warm enough not to have to hibernate there ?
      Sacks! straw! what sort of bear do you think live here!! They'd be up in arms even more if I suggested that! :) They are too spoilt and like their comfort!! :)
      hugs Dee xx

  7. Wonderful post Dee! The bear family looks wonderful in your lovely scene. I like the last scene with everyone sleeping on the cozy sofa and with Gertie's appropriate snoring too. Adorable! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. :) Luckily they all woke up hungry and went off to the kitchen, so now the Sasha's can at least sit down on the sofa and chair again! :)xx