Saturday, 3 January 2015



Yesterday our friends Tom and Kim came to dinner. Some of you will have met them at last years Chat N Snap helping serve the tea and coffee etc.
Kim is a collector of the Kidz n Cats dolls.I have to confess the it was I who introduced her to that slippery slope when she saw my first two William ( Jakob) and Catherine ( Lena), named after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they arrived before their wedding.

However I collect mainly Sasha's and have many  and now Kim collects Kidz N Cats and has TWENTY!!

Because Kim was coming over I decided to reset my Sasha Studio with some of my kidz.

I had put these two, Nicky ( Nikola ) and Jake ( Alister ) in a day or so back to check how the room looked with these 18 inch dolls.

These are my two newest Kidz although I am awaiting the arrival of one more.

So due to Kim coming I added three more to the scene

William and Kiki joined

and Hettie ( Henrietta ) joined Jake on the sofa, to chat to Nicky.

Kiki and William are having a good old natter!

Jake looks a little embarrassed to be having his photo taken while Hettie is too busy talking to Nicky to even notice.

Nicky listens closely to Hettie.

Well I am very pleased with how the furniture also works with these kidz and although I do not blog with them it's nice to see them in a room setting.

I had asked Kim to bring some of her newer dolls with her and there were a couple that looked very nice unfortunately I totally forgot to use the opportunity to get a few photo's to share with you all !
Especially as one of her new dolls , which she had picked up cheap on ebay, wig started to come off !!So we removed it and I got some of my Sasha wigs and we tried them on her which made Kim decide she'd buy her a red haired wig, so we then set about the computer and she purchased a couple of wigs and an outfit she'd seen on my kidz girl Catherine.

I wish I had taken some photo's as she had also brought her Maru girl and Savannah who are twenty inches but very slim. I loved their legs and the shoes and boots they were wearing, they look more like teenagers.
Sharon has one of these girls and they are very pretty.....I may have to buy one....may .....but then there is usually so many Sasha claims on my dolly money that only time and a lull will tell!

Anyway we had a great time and did not finish until early hours of the morning!!



  1. The furniture fits their size just as well then..

    The great advantage though of these Kids n Cats is their double-joints which allow them to pose so beautifully. I do often wish that our Sasha Dolls had these joints in their arms and legs when I'm struggling to want them to sit nicely or hold something.
    In spite of this though I can still luckily resist wanting one of my own SO no sliding down the slippery Kids n Cats slope for me!

    1. I agree that the great advantage is the Kidz double joins and I would love the Sasha's to be able to bend their legs and arms etc but if they could they may have not survived so well over the years.PLus I don't really like seeing the joins on the kidz, so would not like seeing them on the Sasha's
      Fussy lot aren't we!! :)

  2. I love the Kidz BUT the jointing can be a real disadvantage as Mum has one who is so tight that her neck caves if yo bend her knees and my poor Alister is wheelchair bound as his stringing is slack, They are not wasy to have restrung because their joints are capped, so it is a job for an expert........Surgeon Pau....are you listening?

    Lovely little group, Dee.

    Erm....... not enable you, Dee, but Maru is very sweet , even if she only has 5 joints....... I blame Sharon for my slippery slope there! (Hola Sharon, I just won't accept liability for my own weakness so had to blame you, but thank you for the intro to Maru's world, as I love her. xx)

    1. Luckily mine are so far okay stringing and bending wise although some pose better than others. So should one lose the plot I will then consider letting Paul check the strings out re restringing but not before!!
      Those Maru's of my friends were very very I feel a triple enable coming on! I shall blame all three of you should one appear, as if my magic, in amongst my small troop of non Sasha's, so be warned:) xx

    2. Ok Ok, I'll admit it, I'm happy that you Jenni, were tempted into getting a Maru & Friends all we have to do is convince Dee that she is also unable to live without one ;)

  3. Looks like you had a lovely evening with Kim and her hubby last night Dee :) And so much better when there are dolls involved too, I'm sure you'll agree!
    I like that the KnCs go so well with the furniture you have, scale-wise, and it's great that with the joints they pose so nicely on it.
    Dee, I'm glad to hear that you liked the Maru & Friends girls, I am really happy with Tanya, and yes, they have lovely legs :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. We did have a great time and dolls featured a lot! ;)
      I am very taken with Maru and may well get one when funds allow :)
      hugs Dee xx

  4. Well, at least they aren't Gotz!! :)

    1. No they are not but I do have LOTS of GOTZ did you want to see some? I did not realise..I'll sort some out just for YOU! :)xx

    2. Poor Ronny, she's so deprived. We should all just bombard her with Gotz-y photos.....

      Is her phobia just to do with Gotz Sashas, or Gotz dolls in general? We have a Hannah and two Zauberwalt girls here as well as a few 80s Gotz girls that I could get DD to send from her childhood lection. Come on folks, we must save Ronny from her phobia.

      Then perhaps a few budgies and canaries for Dee?

      I'm safe, the only thing I'm afraid of is dentists and I can't imagine you sending me a bus load of them, what with the fees they charge.

    3. Poor Ronny!! What sort of talk is that! She's the Icy Queen, maybe she's got no power over Gotz Sasha's and that's why she don't like them? She used to have a few...I think she'll cave if the right one comes a calling!!
      I ain't afraid of no birds..well as long as they don't fly near me I'm fine! :)

      We may not be wealthy enough to send dentists your way but we could send you a load of old gnashers!! so be warned... :)xx

  5. Lovely post Dee, as usual!!! I think it's just super that these larger dolls fit so nicely in the Sasha created scene. You are doubling your opportunity for fun!! Thank you for sharing the photos of these beautiful and well dressed dolls!!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I love that I can use this layout for both the Sasha's and the Kidz although I do not really do much with the Kidz dolls but I do like how they look sitting in this room! :)xxx