Thursday 29 January 2015


I thought you may like to see how Ashlyn's new hair is coming along.

This is where she waits each day hoping I will add some more hair.

She waits beside the sofa hoping that I'll be getting off the computer and coming over to sit and fill in a few more holes! You can see my tidy! workspace...  ;)

Here is a clearer photo. I am liking the colour of this hair with her blue eyes.

I have barely covered the front because there are so many holes there!!.easily three or four times as many as on the rest of her head, where the holes appear to be more evenly spaced!

Until I saw this photo which is brighter than the others I was worried that I may have picked the wrong colour that people voted for! But seeing it under the brighter light it now looks like correct one Thank goodness!

Now a little tale about the jug she's sitting in.

You may remember a while back I put on my collection of Emma Bridgewater pottery. Well when I saw taking it out and putting the photo's together I was convinced I had another jug. I hunted all through the cupboards I even asked Paul if he'd broken it and not told me! He asked me if I hod thought of buying it and then not done so!

Well I decide maybe I had imagined it! Until a few days later when I was talking to Kendal on the photo about it and the penny as they say DROPPED !I remembered exactly where it was....sitting on a shelf in the living room with the baby's head I was re rooting sitting on it!!! This is the jug above! I knew I had bought it!! It's nice to know I was right but worrying to have taken so long to remember where it was!!

Hopefully once I have got passed these masses at the front it will start moving quickly and we'll soon see
Ashlyn back with her body.


Ronny asked what the baby I am re rooting looked like so here she is.

I am doing her with Red hair .

She does have a lot of holes to root, but I will go on to her after I finish Ashlyn.



  1. The hair and eye combo looks fabulous on her, I can't wait to see her finished...can we have a sneaky peek at the baby you are working on...I like babies now :)

    1. The hair colour is definitely working well with her eye's. Because I cannot quite believe what I read, I have added some photo's of the baby above on the end of this post, just so you can see her ;) xx

    2. Shouldn't that read, I like babies ON TOAST now?

      She's looking great Dee and very comfortable in your special jug. The hair colour is perfect.

      J xx

    3. :) :) The vinyl gives me indigestion Jen :)
      The baby looks great....if you want to sell her when she is finished please give me first dibs...I am serious!!

    4. It is my plan to sell the baby when finished providing all her hair does not drop out!!! :)

  2. Ashlyn's looking simply beautiful with those eye/hair colours.
    So pleased that you've found THAT jug at long last as it's very attractive and I'm sure that Emma would be amused at it's current use.
    Had to smile at SS's above words....'I like babies now!'

    1. She does have such beautiful eye's and the hair colours complements them quite well.
      I'm sure Emma would be amazed at what your jugs can be used for!! :)
      Mmm not quite believing them words form old SS yet ;)

    2. 2015 is the year of the vinyl rug rat!! I am liking those vinyl tinies!!

    3. I'd send the doctor round but you'd probably just stick him in the cellar!! :)

  3. I know exactly what you writing of.
    'Der Groschen fiel' = the penny dropped, as I remembered clearly where the Sasha-Christmas-things-box are, I was searching the whole christmastime. NOT in the cellar, but in the attic! Hurra.
    But a bit late^^

    Great work! How are our fingers?

    1. It's good to know it's not just me!! :) same here the jug was found way to late for the photo!

      The fingers are fine at the moment, finding dolls hair all over the place! That's another thing!! :)

  4. lovely colour on both ...i cant believe youve done that in 6 days, ive only done a little bit more than you on mine in 4 days and i dont even work !...its taking forever !!!!!!! cant wait to see them finished xxxx

    1. This seems to be taking forever too! There are just so many holes at the front! But slowly getting towards the better spaced rows!
      I'm looking forward to finishing them! If only to be sure all the hair does not fall out!!! xxx

    2. the head im doing is hard as a brick, I think maybe its because its so cold in my sewing room as I haven't got any heating in there .....but today I tried a hot water bottle in my lap which I rested the head on and it seemed to make things a lot easier to push the needle through, maybe it would make it easier for you if you tried it for your hard headed baby xxx

  5. Both heads are looking great Dee, I love the colours you've chosen for both.
    I really look forward to seeing them finished and back with their bodies.
    That is a pretty jug and very useful too by the looks of things :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  6. Dee, I remember that color now and Ashlyn is looking fabulous with her pretty blue eyes and that hair color!! I can't wait to see her when you are through. The baby is precious and I marvel not only at your talent but your speed! Well done! :) xxx

  7. You are a busy bee - I mean Dee. You make it look easy. Maybe someday I will give it a try. Can't wait to see them finished...Carol