Saturday 4 July 2015


While clearing out the end shed I discovered a box .

So today, Friday, I decided to check inside.

It was full of Fabric! The fabric's in the box were from my last house , so over ten years old at least. From when I was making things for the girls Christmas fairs or making things for the girls or for family or for projects like quilts I intended to make.
The bag shown was from a shop that used to be in Hertford that sold offcuts or metre lengths of good quality cottons, I was a regular visitor and the fabric I bought from that shop is up in the small bedroom in the cupboard , so yet more!!

I decided to air them outside, putting all the small items onto the table in the sunshine.

Patchwork squares I had cut but not used, oddments of fabric.

Some squares that have been patched and some lengths of lace, I do love lace!!

The large pieces I hung on the line to air in the sun.

Lovely quality cottons in beautiful patterns. That I remember buying for a quilt project that never happened.

Remnants of fabric used for curtains or cushions or another item.

Some I have no Idea why I have them?

Some piece's are a metre and some a few metres.But as beautiful as some of these are, I really do not need to add all this to the fabric I have purchased since living here! So I am going to measure it and cut some into fat quarters or half metres and sell it on my blog or on ebay. It's got to go!!

These are some of the blues. the strawberry fabric and the one on it's right are Laura Ashley fabrics.

more blues with pinks,  lilac's and red

more pinks, the three to the right are Laura Ashley Fabric.

There was still more in the box including some Christmas Fabric's.

So It's got to GO! I just need to sort out cutting it into sell able lengths or measure it and sell as one piece! I must not fall in love with it all over again and keep pieces, I did not use it so now I lose it!!



  1. FAB! I made Hannah a quilt with LA fabric and it is still up on the spare bed 25 years on. She wanted big squares like the ones on the beds of the mice in The Brambley Hedge books. But your stash is beyond my wildest dreams!
    Love the poor little nude Sindy nestling in the corner, too!
    Congratulations on a lovely re-find! Wll be watching out, ready to buy.
    J xx

    1. I love LA fabric and have made curtains, cushion covers and all sorts of things out of them over the years and that fabric is still gorgeous.
      Yes one of the girls Sindy's is living in that book, a nice 80's lass , who could do with being better treated :)
      watch the sales page for listings :)xx

  2. Oooooooh what a lovely find!!!!! I found a small bag of quarter metres in the past, that I'd forgot buying, but this is a wonderful big stash of lovely stuff!
    You'll have to clear out more often, goodness knows what else might turn up! :)

    1. It's a box of delight for sure but so bad that I totally forgot it was down there! So it's got to go...
      I hope there's no more about but I cannot be sure!! lol I may have to check the brick built shed who knows what in there, I certainly don't!! :)xx

  3. Particularly loved seeing the line of fabrics enjoying their airing out in the sunshine and fresh air.

    1. I did look lovely all swaying in the breeze! ;) x

  4. Wow, some of these fabrics are just gorgeous! I'm sure you'll have no problems selling off the larger pieces.

    (Now I have to go catch up on your gang's antics.)

    1. I only DO Gorgeous ! :)) lol which is why I have so much trouble NOT buying fabric, I just cannot resist the stuff, I went ot buy some curtain tape in the week and was picking up fabric and wondering where I could use it!!! , Nightmare!! :)x

  5. wow ....let me know when and where you list it as ill definiately have some :) xxxxx

    1. I will Sarah, It's got to go!! :)xxx

  6. A perfect post for the seamstresses in our world! As someone who does not sew much, if at all, I so enjoyed seeing the pretty fabrics and seeing them on the clothes line really warmed my heart. Thank you Dee! <3 xxx

    1. I do believe I have peaked some interest in this gorgeous fabric. I so love fabric I would happily roam a warehouse full of quality fabric all day picking up treasure here and there only to bring it home just to look at it!!
      They did look nice hanging out to air, a line of goodness for the soul :)xxx