Monday, 13 July 2015


I've got the hair !

I've got the clothes !

I've even got the button nose !

But I'm quite Happy as I am
Button less nose
and a right madam!



  1. Very clever! Most amusing.... but remember Callie,we all love you.... 'just the way you are!'

    1. Thank you Auntie Kendal, I love you too! Callie xxx

  2. Hi Callie
    You are very, very pretty and just as cute as we are. Aint nuffin wrong with having a bigxxxx ordinary size nose. Us are protesterating not cos we think our noses is better than yours, but because silly grown ups say we have NO NOSE AT ALL. Now you would be sad if they ignored your lovely red hair wouldn't you? I mean, if they pretended they couldn't see it and called you no-hair girl?
    I think all Sasha dolls should have the same rites as what all the other Sashas got, don't youY

    But you look lovely in that dress and I think Mrs Mum should get another one for your button-nose sister wot haven't got one, so you can keep the one you wearing and all be friends. But, please dont wear a button, cos it look very silly!
    Your friend,
    Bertie xx

    1. Hello Bertie
      I am glad you think I am pretty ;) And watch it! My nose is not much bigger than you button kids! It's called Petite I will have you know!
      How silly I have way to much hair to be called no hair girl, you are silly!
      I think I should keep the dress too! That Magda is way too bossy for a newbie! Maybe I can get Mum to get her another dress but I am not holding my breath!
      Ha ha It was funny wearing that button ! But I am happy with my nose so don't be worrying about it happening again No chance
      Your friend
      Callie xx

  3. Very cute! Love this girl, her hair and her pretty outfit....I even love her nose...button or not!

    1. Thanks Sharon, she is one of my favourite girls, been with me quite a long time :)xx

  4. I agree, button nose or not, she's so sweet, Vivienne.

    1. Thank you Vivenne, I have to agree! :)

  5. Dear Callie you are a totally delightful girl with a beautiful nose, "as is", and a quick and witty mind too. You have it all and it is wonderful to see! :) xxx

    1. Dear Auntie Ginger.
      I think my nose is beautiful too! :) And I could run rings round those Button noses kids but Mum says I must be nice as no one likes someone who thinks they know everything and their way is the only way!
      So I am being nice and will let Magda have her dress back soon ..ish ;)
      Cannot let her think she's won :)
      Love Calle xxx