Tuesday 14 July 2015


Hello Everyone, this is a reminder for those who would like to join in this month's Sasha Photo competition, your photo needs to be in by 6 pm tomorrow evening. email address is on sale page.
We look forward to receiving any other entries by then
Thank you for visiting




  1. Hello Belle,
    Lovely to hear from you. We have put Bertie in charge of photos this mont and, between the two of us, he's not really old enough to understand times and dates and (shh!) Mam isn't too wonderful either!

    How is Ashlyn these days? Tell her I send my love Of, and is Hattie making new hats for the autmn season this year? Hats will be in vogue at Bryn Derw.

    Lots of love,
    Jocelyn xxx

    1. Hello Jocelyn
      I hope Bertie gets his photos sorted in time!and Mam too! ;)
      Ashlyn's sitting beside Mum's side of sofa, will sitting is not quite right more like hovering!! With Mum it's been a bit touch and go but more go lately but she's been thinking she needs to get a move on before the summers gone and another year slips by!!!
      Hattie is going to be making some new hats and she's full of plans but Mum says she's got to wait her turn!!
      Hope to see you soon
      Love Belle xxx

  2. Thank you Belle for a lovely reminder. :) xxx