Tuesday 28 July 2015


On Sharon's blog, see side bar, she showed us some of the beautiful commissions she's been working on, this time for a Kaye Wiggs doll. Check her page out if you have not already, the outfit is perfection on a doll!

She discovered that the dungaree's she'd made would fit Sasha with just a small adjustment or two. She'd also made a sleeveless hooded jacket, which she had meant to try on her Sasha but forgot and wrapped and posted.

Well I am very fortunate to own one of these hooded jackets, so offered to put mine on a Sasha to so she could see the fit etc.

So here are the photo's for Sharon.

So Ashley volunteered to do the trying on.

With hood up.

close up.

and back view.

I think it looks great and with a little tweak would be a perfect fit for our Sasha's.

Of course Elfine the owner of this hooded jacket insisted that she must also be seen wearing it, so People could get an idea of WHO it was meant for!!

It is of course windy today but Elfine did a very good job of standing firm.

 Back view.

Her hair is blowing in the wind!

A close up

Well I hope the fact that this hooded Jacket fits Sasha's does not cause trouble, Elfine is not one to Share her clothes, well share anything really, her being an Elf Princess!!



  1. Hello Princess Elfine! Lovely to see you again. Now, sharing clothes can go two ways, you know. Why don't you pop into the Village wardrobe and see what els might fit you?

    1. Jenni! Are you trying to start a riot!!! Those Sasha's can barely share with each other at times! and if Elfine finds something she fancies and it fits , she'll never give it back..her being a princess !!

  2. Thanks so much for this Dee, it is very helpful. I can see now just how much adapting I need to do which fortunately is not too much! I'm glad that Elfine got it back though, poor girl hasn't a big wardrobe and the Sasha girls are so very lucky with all their lovely outfits!
    Elfine is such a sweetie!!

    1. You are welcome :) You will easily be able to adapt it to fit a Sasha, mind you these could share if only Elfine was NOT an Elf Princess who just loves her Sharon togs!! :)xxx

  3. They almost look like they were custom made for Sashas. :) Very good fit, lovely colour and great choice of fabric.

    1. I agree almost perfect for Sasha and I love the colour too! :)

  4. I just love hooded jackets without the sleeves! Especially nice when you have a colorful and pretty top underneath and the sleeves will show so nicely. A great post Dee, Ashley is a dream girl and Elfine is a sweetie. :) xxx

    1. I have to agree Ginger. A great item of Clothing for both Sasha and Elves!! :)xxx