Sunday 12 July 2015


Although I had to work Saturday morning and go to a friends 60th barbecue I did manage to get a little more done in the Sasha Studio.
Then Paul very kindly bought me some insulation, boarding for the ceiling, worktops and a 1000mm kitchen cupboard carcass.

So this morning Paul went down and fitted all the insulation into the roof spaces.

It was only tonight after we'd been out and bought the cladding for the ceiling that I realised that I could have just got him to put some straps between just to make sure it did not slip down, although it is well wedged in, as that would have saved us the cost of the board plus having to paint it but then I thought due to having to take photo's that it could possible be seen in, it was best that this side the Studio was boarded out.

I originally wanted a wood look worktop to look like floor boards but they were twice the price of the one we eventually bought which meant we could get two and I can always ask Paul to make me a wooden floor panel if I decide I need one later. I had a choice between a grey speckled or this black with a speckle you see in the photo. I thought the black looked nicer and would help show off the furniture better in the photo's.

Yesterday afternoon I'd given the most of the floor one coat of stain in sea grass but left one corner near the door for all the cupboards etc to stand in while it dried, I could not leave them outside as there was talk of rain which it did do as we arrived home at just after 11pm.Oh and that's pieces of Insulation on the floor not paint!!

We also bought the extra cupboard unit to go under the far corner of the Studio which will help support the extra worktop I now have. Here you can see the worktops in but still with their plastic covering until we have put up and painted the ceiling boards.

Here you can see the new unit and worktops.This has the look of a little kitchen! We though maybe we could move Lindsey in here when she gets back, she could have her bed in Paul half of the workshop!!.. but then decided we'd have nowhere to put his tools, so looks like she's out of luck!!

The old kitchen single unit is now up by the door and the cupboard Paul gave me supports the other two ends. Yes I can see where I did not paint to the bottom of the wall but I suddenly thought most of this will be hidden behind cupboards and if not I can go touch it up after.

Here is a different view through the doorway. you can see the piece of floor that still needs staining, which I would have finished this evening but the was a down pour and the door was open, so the floors wet, so I need to wait for it to dry out , then finish it one evening in the week.

My builder at work!! Paul working out where the ceiling boards will go.

The late afternoon sun streaming in the studio...... what's that?

Just trying it out for size.......  :)



  1. Oh wow, the studio has formed-up nicely! Paul is wonderful to insulate and construct a Sasha studio. I love the fire place and mantle. You are almost done!!! I am so happy for you and I look forward to seeing the Village clan in the Village studio. :) xxx

    1. Yes It is coming along nicely and now Paul's helping me get the harder to do things out the way, it will not be long before I can start moving in!! Just putting that fireplace and mantel in there makes me want to get a move on!! :)xx

  2. Fantastic!!!!!! I'll say it again, Paul is a star! You are so lucky, Dee.

    1. Thanks Jenni. The boy does good! :) Yes He is so lucky Jenni ;) xxx

  3. It's looking great Dee (and Paul too of course!) and if you really wanted to have a small bit of 'wood flooring' you could perhaps buy some made for a dollshouse and use that, the scale would be perfect, I have some in my dollshouse and it works very well for dolls too. I'm sure you'd find it on line or at a dollshouse or miniatures store.
    I look forward to seeing all your stuff moved in....I don't think it'll be long now!
    hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. That's a good idea about the dolls house flooring ! Once I 'move' in I'll be able to see just what I need and where I can store things!
      I'm hoping to get more done this week in the evenings and next weekend, so hopefully not too long now!! Hugs Dee xxx

  4. How wonderful to have Paul doing ALL this work on your Sasha studio. At this rate it will soon be finished and ready for action.....(though not sure that I dare ask how Paul's side of the workshop is coming along???)
    It's looking as good, if not better, than my own actual tiny kitchen is.
    Can't wait to see it when it's finished and ready for the first post to be shot in there.

    1. Kendal, I would just like to point out that I have done ALL the work on the studio up to now!! but Paul is being very lovely and assisting with the ceiling!
      His sides come to a halt but then I am sure he'll get back to it once he's in the right mood! He's already asked if I am going to paint his side!!!!
      It does look a little like a kitchen at the moment :) But I'm sure that once all my junk .. I mean props are it it will look totally different! :)