Thursday 2 July 2015


On the 20th of June we went to tackle the workshop, well I say we when I should say Paul with some of my assistance in the start and then again towards the end.

We started by clearing boxes and things from the shed at the very bottom of our garden, where lots of Lindsey's things had been stored when she came back home to live.So once we'd made some space in there, most was now in the house!! , we were able to sort out things from Paul's reduced side of the workshop, into that shed, so that he would not have to try and get everything back in before it had all been sorted.

The end shed with space to take things from Paul's workshop while he sorts out what he wants to keep.

Some of the children's old toys are having to park in a corner until they can get back into the shed.

At one point things were taking over the Cloisters and Flower garden but by the time we finished , everything needing to be taken to the dump was in the car port and the Cloisters and Flower garden clear.

And my side of the workshop was looking pretty clear! Paul's left me one of the cupboards and a small kitchen unit carcass that will need a door, for me to use for storage and h's taken the other cupboard and the drawers and worktop. he did offer me the worktop but it was black, grey and white speckled and I need a wood look one to be the floor of the 'house'.

and that's how we left it until today.
After the 30c plus of yesterday it's been a lovely cool 10 degrees lower, so Paul went off to finish sorting out his things from my side of workshop.

He called me to say that he was now clear and it was all mine!!!!!

The view towards the door, he's let me keep the metal drawer unit which will be great for keeping things in nice and organised, plus I have a couple of small pine shelf units which I may use one of which you can see on the filing unit.
There is still some things in the corner but they will be gone soon.

A view from outside the door. I now intend to paint all of the walls inside white and stain the floor with the sea grass colour stain to lighten it all up. I want Paul to insulate the ceiling and board it, which I will then paint white also because my only natural light source is from the open door and the at present open area of the wall between Paul's 2 thirds and mine.

So I have measured my new Sasha Studio and it's 9ft 6  from door to back wall and by 6ft 7 across from the end to the partition wall. Paul needs to move a plug point for me but I can still start painting some walls tomorrow or maybe tonight.

Still a long way to go but so much closer than this time last month!



  1. Congratulations on your new home, Dee! I can see you moving in here during daylight hours in the summer.......

    ....wish I had one...far enough from the houe not to be disturbed by being called to takee PPI pointless phone calls, people who are quite capable of putting the kettle on asking me when I'll be making acuppa, peope asking, 'Where's the...?' etc. Dolly peace would be heaven!

    1. Thanks Jenni, Still a far way to go yet but at least we are on the homeward straight! :)
      You need to get yourself a nice shed, with a lock :). then you could go play Sasha's and Dolls down there and ignore any demands from others as you would be at 'work' and not due home til 5!!! :) xx

  2. Way to go Paul/Dee!! You made great progress. I look forward to seeing you transform the space into a wonderful Sasha studio. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) It's nice that we can finally start turning it into my Studio, with an end in sight!! Mind you I am starting to think I could have this and that, just hope there's enough room!! :)xx

  3. WOW you're really getting there now Dee! I think the white walls etc is a great idea because it's amazing how any other colour (or non painted) seems to 'taint' the colouring in photos. I have noticed this with my sewing/dolly room at home, the walls being yellow are lovely and sunny but they do give any indoor photos a bit of a yellowy hue. White is much better!
    I look forward to seeing it all when you're compltely finished :)

    1. It's finally looking like it's going to happen!! :) I figured I start with white and work from there when it comes to the actual Sasha rooms! But if everywhere else is white I'm hoping I'll get some good light into the place. hugs xxx

  4. Making great headway here. Won't be long now before it's being put to good use!

    1. Yes slowly but surely it's starting to come together, now If I just didn't have to work next week I could be nearly finished!! drat! :) x