Friday, 10 July 2015


Yesterday while the Button noses were saying their rhyme , Callie happened along in the new Vintage Sasha dress which was a birthday gift from Kendal.

"Hello , what are you three up to? " asks Callie coming across the girls.
" Just rhyming " they all chorus together.

Then Magda looks at the lovely blue dress with matching socks and ribbons that Calle's wearing , then checks out the two dresses and matching socks her Button nosed sisters are wearing.
" Is that my dress? " she asks
"Well if it was it's not now!" states Callie with a grin which quickly vanishes when she sees the look that crosses Magda's face!
" I want MY dress NOW!" demands Magda starting towards her closely followed by her sisters.
Callie decides that odds of three to one are not good so beats a hasty retreat!

"COME BACK HERE!" demands Magda heading after her.

The others join in the chase..

" I hear there's soon to be a shortage of Potato sacks! you could try and get one of them " shout's Callie over her shoulder

"I'll stuff you in a potato sack when I get hold of you, GIVE ME MY DRESS!"
Realising that the others are gaining fast she does what any self respecting girl would do... she screams " MUUUUUUMMMM HEEEEEELP!"...........



  1. Oh, Mr Mum you haven't actually paid the potato sack producer to redress your sweet girls, have you? I'll NEVER speak to you again if you are so cruel!

    Just because they might soon be scarce, is no excuse for inflicting shapeless, uncomfortabe garments on your children. It seems to me that Magda has grounds for divorcing you as a parent, she looks great in her existing outfit, how coud you let her be taunted with the idea that she's to be demoted in style? I'm sure Callie doesn't mean to be a brat, but where DID she hear about the wearing potato sacks?
    I always thought my mother cornered that particular market for dressing offspring, back in the 60s. It is very sad that that way of demeaning innocent little girls has resurfaced and, I warn you, those who produce them and those who force their daughters to wear them are NEVER TO BE FORGIVEN, not even in 50 years!

    1. Calm down Calm down!!! We don't do tater sacks in this village ! We like pretty colours not muddy browns and perfect fits not burlap sacking.
      Children will be children and I am sure it will all blow over without the need for tater sacks!!
      So you can climb down of your spuds and relax, chill , we'll have to make do with flour sacks I hear they are prettier!! :)

  2. LOL Potato sacks indeed! The day I see one of your beautiful girls shamed into wearing a potato sack I will eat my hat!!!! ;) Having said that, I think there's enough fabric in them to cover one of the vegetable beds and in doing so, keep the sun off the plants, the sun can't penetrate the dark dismal fabric!!
    Actually calling them potato sacks is a bit harsh really, bearing in mind that any potatoe that has EYES wouldn't be seen mashed in one of those!
    PS Love the girls outfits Dee, perfect as per usual! :)

    1. Will that be a Hattie Hat you'll be eating??? Have no fear, my girls are very hard taskmasters for their clothes and only wear the best which is why I dress like a pauper !! lol We have no need for tater sacks here and never will do I hope!! I think the girls would just walk round in their underwear if that was the case!
      Hugs Dee xxx

  3. Well Magda, I think you need to check yourself young lady before I do it for you! And realise the green you are wearing suits you to perfection, so be grateful and remember I'm watching you Miss!x

    1. Oooooooo eerrrrrrr Mrs Kelly has spoken girlies ;)

    2. Hello Auntie Lou lou
      I know I do look the bees knees in this gorgeous outfit but I also want to look like my Button sisters ! And that dress was not meant of that Callie! she just stole it! Well maybe not stole it exactly but she did take it first!
      Now Mum's saying I have to WAIT! that's not really fair! is it Auntie Lou lou ? and I did check myself as you suggested and I look fine? nothing out of place but it's good to know you'll be watching out for me :)
      Big kisses
      Magda XXXXX

    3. Magda, I laughed out loud when I read this! What can I say to this?! Nothing, except I'm still watching you lol x

    4. Thank you Auntie Lou Lou
      I feel very safe if you watch me ! :)
      your Magda xx

  4. Hi Magda
    What you NEED is another dress like your sisters are wearing for yourself, plus three more outfits like your green one, which is stunning, so that Callie and your two sisters can all dress in those together. Poor Callie, she just wants to be like you three.

    1. Hi Auntie Jenni
      Mum says are you having a laugh!!! She's got more than enough to pay for
      with all these adoption fees without buying even more clothes for us ungrateful kids..then she mumbled something else threw her hands in the air and said something about whales and sorting them out?
      Don't know why she wants to sort out Whales? anyway that Callie says she an in di video and so don't want no old dress like us! So I told her good she can give mine back! But she just smiled and said she was off to play in the mud!!!
      I gotta go watch she don't do that in MY dress!
      Magda xx

  5. It was really meant for YOU Magda as I had heard via the grapevine that Mrs Mum was looking for a third matching vintage-sasha dropped waist dress and those were the only materials that were available to use..... BUT I have to agree that your vibrant green outfit suits YOU better..... (In hindsight had I of known that Sarah was listing that Friday I could have let your Mum choose one herself instead of me pre-ordering)....but as Callie looks good in that dress.... guessing that things all worked out well in the end.

    1. Hello Auntie Kendal
      I told Mum that dress was for me! so I could look like my button sisters ! But she says I now have to wait until something suitable comes along for Callie!! I think a sack would be suitable but Mum just laughed and said she does not buy sacks! I even offered to pay Auntie Kendal and she still said no, we don't do sacks in the village!!
      Anyway I am going to show mum your comment and then she'll have to make sure I get that dress next and that old Callie can keep her hands off !
      I do look good in my cropped VS set , I must be one of those model type people who look good in everything.....It's not my fault I'm so photogenic !
      Well I have to go and make sure that Callie's treating my clothes with respect and not dragging herself through the dirt !!
      bye Magda xxx

  6. Callie looks fantastic in the new outfit but please no potato sacks in the Village! At least, no sacks for dresses. Magda may have try out a bit of patience here which is a virtue! :) xxx

    1. It does suit her! And don't worry there is no chance of any potato sacks in this Village no unless they actually have potato's in them!!
      Unfortunately it does not look like Magda's not big no patience!! :)xxx