Tuesday 24 January 2023


 That's what it seems like here at present re the dolls house. I've done some more painting, giving places second or some third coats.

Also gave the ceiling of the new attic room a couple of coats of paint. Paul gave the two columns we've left natural, a coat of sealer yesterday and polished them today, so they will be ready to be fitted along with rest of portico tomorrow once the step has had a coat of dark grey paint. I think the F&B Pelt, a deep purple I have painted the door should not really match the front step! 

The front is now fitted onto the house and also the front door is on. There is a small magnetic catch to hold the front section closed only it doesn't! So we will need to get a better one. Does a magnet lose it's power after 18 plus years?

I looked at Xanadu's suggestion of the second blue paper I had and it looks great in the space but of course there are three pieces of wallpaper which leaves it about 3 inches short! But we have a cunning plan! So keep watching.

Naturally as soon as the plan was made I wanted it done, but Paul said we need to wait for the next order of dolls house fixings that will arrive tomorrow before he can take it forward plus it involved going  into the rapidly freezing outdoors, so wait I must.

But hopefully tomorrow will see us moving forward quite a bit.

I'm constantly having to look at photos on the internet at dolls houses, to check details and I finally found a couple of houses that are almost the same as mine.

It could be a newer version of mine or have been adjusted by the maker. The door area is different, only half columns and a different door style. Also the first floor centre window is in a small recess, mine is not. Plus they seem to have gone for an almost flat roof.

I also found this one where the centre section is the same almost as mine but this one does have an attic floor along with a nice deep basement. Which makes me wonder if an attic section and a basement could have been purchased separately at the time or not long after. If I want a basement I'll have to wait a while because there are other things that need doing first.

But good to see that we appear to have worked it out correctly for how it's meant to look.

So although it does not appear to have moved forward much, it's been a waiting for paint to dry, making decisions about the attic area and placing an order for the fixings. Which reminds me, does me buying the fixings count as having broken my no doll/ dolls props clothes etc vow for January? Or am I safe to say that I am only buying the makings to finish the dolls house so therefore it does not count?


  1. Doing things a little backwards today. I noticed on these other houses you've shown they have a basement, is this something you are going to add to yours down the track? You don't know how envious I am Dee, I've wanted a doll house like this for years. SIGH!
    Big hugs,

    1. I would like to add a basement but it probably won't happen until later in the year, especially as knowing me it won't just be a simple box on the base. I'l thinking Gosford Park kitchen and either servants dinning room or housekeepers room.
      I may need to go visit some national trust properties first to make notes lol Hugs x

  2. That's interesting to know about magnets. We will probably buy a new one due to just how old this one is. Hope you liked the cunning plan :)