Tuesday 31 January 2023


 Yesterday I cut the dark wooden flooring to fit the downstairs rooms.

Photo taken with a flash.

I'll need to do a little touching up with some brown pencil in a few places to blend the sides in. But didn't go to bad.

Today Paul cut out the spaces for the attic windows.

We then had the discussion about could we just leave the windows lay flush to the roof or should we put the surrounds on to make them sit up straight? Leave them flush, less hassle , make the surround fiddly hassle of wife keep saying that's leaning forward/ backwards/short/long and other annoying words!

But really it was never going to be the easy option! So work on the roof progresses.

I may have ordered a bed or three since I fell of the wagon ...


  1. Floor looks good Dee, and I prefer the dormer windows better than having them lay flat on the roof, which to me, makes them look like windows in an old ship. Can't wait to see those beds, bet they are iron beds though. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you. I'm pleased how it's gone down, although I need to decide on a second light so it can be stuck down once the lights are in.
      I agree the dormers will look better once done.
      :) of course they are iron style beds, they are the best after all , hugs xx

  2. Thank you. I was tempted to take the easy route but knew that in the end I'd have regretted it. So the upright windows will look good once done.

  3. Flooring looks beautiful. I love the color. And yes, the attic windows are worth the extra hassle (says the man not doing it)!

    1. Thanks. I agree about the attic windows and I'm not doing it either ;) lol