Sunday, 29 January 2023


 Not only Sunday but the last one this month! January has gone by in a flash! Just two more days after this one and it will be February! The last of the winter months. I have to say that so far we have had a proper cold winter, even having several weeks of laying snow  which is not usual for this part of the UK.

Also finally after an eleven month wait Paul's had his op and all has gone well and he now just needs to take things easy for a couple of weeks and it's done. Originally he was told he'd have it within three months, then it dragged on until he finally got a date in November only to get an infection, so have to cancel but finally he was given a can you make this date slot in. But at last it's happened and we thank the NHS for their care.

So while he was off in hospital for all of 24 hours I fell of my no spending aim for January! I know I know, I was sooo close but I saw something on sale that could get sold out, so I decided to buy and not wait another few days. It was under £10 so not a big fall from my aim but still means I didn't quite make it lol

One thing I will say about the dolls house project we are working on at present, it is and will, result in a few things that have been sitting around for a few years getting finally sorted. Like the rug/carpet that's been waiting to be make up since 2019 and also this

a room box that according to it's packaging I bought back in July 2020! Yes another project that was received, looked at, then put to one side in the doll studio! I have however had this back in it's packaging standing in a corner of the house for the last six or so months intending to finally put it together to use. Finally today I have removed it from it's wrapping and Paul will put it together for me.

While I'm in dolls house mode it's time to get these things done! One of the reason's I bought the room box is because I had considered using it as a doll display case by using it on it's side instead of flat and long. Decorating it with a nice patterned dolls house wallpaper and placing a doll inside. So that's something I will be deciding once it's put together, do I use it as it's meant a room setting or as a display case for a doll? If I use a patterned paper the box will only be able to stand in the way the pattern works, if I paint it I can use it either way? But do I want to just paint it? decisions decisions!

One of my favourite rooms in a dolls house is the bedroom.

These are a couple of my favourite photos of bedrooms from one of my many dolls house books. There are some amazing dolls houses out there in the world, that we will never get to see, along with the craftspeople who have painstakingly put them together. 

On the doll front, no dolls have left and none have arrived and the same with their props or clothing, although my small purchase will arrive next week. At present I am trying not to buy things for the dolls house until it's finished! However once February arrives that will probably go out the window!

So I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead, as I go off to finish the cardigan made up of oddments of yarn for Clara for the autumn and look at starting my dolls house carpet.

PS it will be February in a few days so not long till those dolls photos for doll day will be needed.


  1. Love, love, love that top bedroom Dee!
    Big hugs,