Friday, 27 January 2023



Paul finally fitted the portico yesterday , after having to mess about getting it level , which seems to be a constence issue with anything related to a dolls house.

So today i decided to go in search of what was left of my dolls house items, years back when I sold off my beautiful house with shop, I sold all the wonderful ooak artist made dolls and most of the good furniture. I did keep a few things and also when I loaned it to work I bought a few resin type people to stand inside, as it didn't have a front, looking like they were working on the empty place.

It was so interesting find just what I'd kept and stashed away from my original house.

I'd stored some items in a couple of small plastic boxes, this was the first one.

It had my lovely 1930's sofa, along with several food items and an odd cushion which I think belonged to a bed set.

The second box had quite a lot packed into it!

a great assortment of items!

a closer look

The bucket to the mop in the other box, some door furniture along with some cutlery.

This tiny handknitted baby coat.

This tiny handmade sampler 

There was even a little baby I'd totally forgotten about.

These are two of the workmen I bought a few years back for the empty house loan.

Naturally around that time I started looking a doll house items and decided to buy this for if I went with a regency style again!

  along with this fancy bed and

This oriental style display cupboard and

Side table? desk?

and just the one chair? 

I feel that top display cabinet needs a little gold on the fancy parts. I do love the oriental rooms you see in big houses, so whether these will be used in this house I cannot say, but if so I made need some nice oriental wallpaper for that blue room or a room box to make a special setting.

More food items 

A little tea set which may not be suitable for the house.

Also back when I was looking at dolls house items again I also bought this

A rug making kit.

Everything one needs to make a lovely rug for the dolls house! 

and I know exactly when I bought it due to it still being in the box it arrived in! Well I was still working back then and the dolls house was on loan to work, then back in the shed ! 
But now it's getting finished, I've got the kit out and will start it once I finish the cardigan I'm working on.

Now there are some of the resin people missing along with a few items I bought then to make it look like work was being done and I think I kept my daughters dolls house people who were dressed in 1940's 50's style, so I'm just off to search for them!


  1. It is such fun to re-find things you stashed away a long time before and this is an exceptional haul! The rug will add a really individual look to the house and I love the two little 'porcelain ' figurines for the mantel piece.
    The two workmen look ready to help lift the furniture in and position it as the lady of the house instructs them. Put the kettle on! British removal men can't work without a cuppa every half hour!

    1. It is! I bought the rug kit because all the ones you can buy are usually quite thin and the ones like the kit are really expensive ready made.
      so this way a lovely quality rug, a nice project to do and a fraction of the cost of a ready made one.
      The workman will be busy and well supplied with tea and biscuits

  2. You have a wonderful collection of furnishings. I really love that little sampler!