Friday 4 January 2013


Well it is now 2013 a whole new Sasha year ahead!  I had a great 2012 but this year will be a slower more ordered Sasha year.

I have acquired many of the Sasha's and Gregor's I would like but of course there are still a few on the wanted list!

But I am in no rush to get them and will get them or not! and  only if the right one comes along!

On my list are

A girl toddler
A blonde slate eyed gotz girl
A brunette slate eyed gotz girl
A ballet girl
An Np... hair colour is not important, I just need to love her! ( I will be starting my Np fund which I expect will be like a church roof fund! sitting in the same place year after year barely moving while the water comes in)

Now I do love the No navel's and Ellen Church very kindly told me that there are Twelve!!  I do like them but I do not need Twelve! but I would not mind having six! two of each hair colour .....again they will be the one's that I love rather than ...It's a no navel brunette buy it!! ...I also loved this photo...

Which means  I may go for four reds but as they are very hard to come by these are a long term dream!But then I do love Raven my brunette no navel  so maybe I'll land up with four brunettes? Who knows! that's the thing with Sasha's you start out going in one direction and land up somewhere totally different!!

but I will also leave the door open for that unknown Sasha or Gregor that may appear and I will love on sight and hopefully be able to snap up before someone else !

But these Sasha's will be a slow and careful long term goal. What I do want to get this year is some more furniture and room accessories for my posts. It is a shame that the American girl doll things are not so easily available in the uk and therefore we have the buy them from the US and then have the added cost of postage and import tax!

However I did ask the DH if he would be my props man! It was very early on new years day and he asked me why? So I told him want I needed him to make and he said ...YES!! I will not give the game away as first he needs to find the time to actually make it but I am very excited and hopeful!!

And lastly I have many ideas for story posts that I would like to try to do this year, some I thought of in 2012 but did not get round to doing due to time needed to set up or item's needed to set the scene.But most of my posts are spur of the moment and evolve as I take the photo's and edit them to add the text.

So I am off on another Sasha journey which will take me who knows where! and bring me who knows what! I hope those who join me will enjoy the ride!

Sasha Love Dee


  1. Such lovely girls, and so prettily dressed too.
    I admire how 'organised' you are Dee, you know what you want and sort of plan what and when....I wish I could be like that in anything, never mind my dolls. I started my Sasha 'journey' wanting just the one girl, a blond one....well I got her but before she arrived had already bought a blond Gregor. Then I planned to keep just the two and that would be it....but some how, I ended up with a brunette Gregor and a redhead 'waif'....Not sure how it happened, but it did.
    And now I plan 'NO MORE'....I just want the four.
    Famous last words? I hope not!!
    Big hugs and keep those photos coming, they're gorgeous!
    Sharon in Spain xx

  2. Sharon I can plan all I like but in the Sasha world you land up where ever it takes you! as you have found in only wanting one Sasha and now owning four!! at the moment..Lol

  3. What an exciting year ahead of you (and vicariously me :) ). If you din't mind my asking, what are the differences between the 12 different no navels? Looking forward to see what you do this year. Julie

    1. Well I am no expert but It would appear that they were made for two years 69 and 70 and they have two eye styles , a full painted eye and a half painted eye,each hair colour having blue or brown eyes, so two eye styles two colours three hair colours and two years which makes the twelve, I believe.
      Happy new year Julie
      Sasha hugs Dee

  4. Gosh! Planning a year's Sasha Doll buying! How supremely organised! I'm sure that I could never do that...well even if I did I'd never be able to keep to it because rest assured up would come a 'Kendal-must-have' doll on Shelly's and that would be that!!!!
    There are strict rules in place here though as I can't let myself have more dolls here than my age number so until my next birthday I am only limited to allow just one more doll to come here.... UNLESS I sell one on and then buy a replacement.
    Yes, you're correct....the twelve different Gotz No-navels are made up of six 1969 girls, red hair with blue and brown eyes, blonde hair with blue and brown eyes, brunette hair with blue and brown eyes and then the same again for the 1970 dolls. Good luck if you decide to go for them but I agree with you ONLY if you fall in love with each and every one. That should, in my estimation, last you almost a lifetime of Sasha Doll collecting. Will chart your progress.
    SAsha love from Kendal.

    1. Hi Kendal
      Like you I do not plan to buy the Sasha's they will turn up or not, as time and money allow! Although if I allowed myself a Sasha / Gregor or baby for every year I have been on this earth I would be able to buy many more, perhaps I will suggest this limit to the DH? ha ha
      But I will be looking out for a no navel or two but I just hope they do not come along like buses..all together!!!!
      Sasha Love Dee x

  5. Good luck with the list Dee! I am not planning a list this year, in fact I am not planning at all. I find if I plan life seems to get in the way :) As my Jewish Mother used to say 'Mann tracht und Got Lacht' - 'Man plans and God laughs' very true sometimes :)

    1. I love making lists, then they go in a drawer and a few years later I find them and see what happened and what did not! usually more did not than did!!

      It will be interesting to look back in about three years and see what happened if anything !