Monday 14 January 2013


Well finally all the boys are in their Dollie Doodle gear, it was a struggle but
at last they are done.

Here are nine of them all standing nicely however We could just not get the last two on! only by doing this!

So when I come back from work tonight I will take another hopefully with them all in a row.


  1. Great photo and ALL in Dollydoodle's gear! Thanks! Snap! As I have eleven boys (had thought that you had twelve) AND can do them all in Dollydoodle's leisure gear too!
    Not sure if I have the space inside to take them in a line-up pose so might have to wait until the weather is warmer for me to venture out to set them up.
    I love the Underground backdrop and saw this in The Trafford Centre last week. Had planned to buy one on my way back to the car after the big shop (so that it didn't get damaged) but then completely forgot about it until well on the way home. Maybe next time if they still have it?
    Thanks for this fabulous photo.
    Sasha love from Kendal....who just adores the Gregor lads and would never confine them to a box for a couple of weeks as she'd miss their cheeky little characters.

    1. I did have twelve for a week or two but one went on his merry way, so back to eleven an uneven number, so maybe another will arrive or one will leave!
      I only just managed to get them all in DD had to borrow a deep pink hoodie from one of the girls!

      Map underground map is from the 50's, as I found out when I tried to look at it for reference for the jubilee line!
      I promise not to put them all in a box again..... :)

      Sasha love Dee x

  2. Great pictures of the boys Dee! And not a Walnut whip insight! And guess what...postie still hasn't delivered my traces of mallow on his lips though!!!

    1. I wonder if I can put in a claim for a missing WW?

      I fear that somewhere in that sorting office is a very happy postman whose snaffled your WW!
      Lucky I did not send a box!!!!!!

    2. I think you may well be right (;
      But the thought was there...thank you for that Dee xx

  3. Wow what a lovely group of boys you have Dee, and so nicely dressed too!