Friday 25 January 2013


A Poem for Lonely on this Burns night!

Lonely stands upon the path
her heart beating cold stunned aghast!
Poor Teddy to the depths been slung
by Lucas nasty little one

Lonely's pleas will go unheard
because in the house
the ice Queens not stirred
to help poor lonely to recover
teddy from his watery gutter

Her pleas are joined from far and wide
but the ice Queen is pure ice inside
Smiles at all the fuss and bother
She has plans to steal another!

Riley a little babe in arms
the ice Queens fallen for his charms
A bargain she does try to make
Riley for Teddy she wants to take!

Kendal plans to save the day
and Fritz is  sent upon his way
to save poor Lonelys little Ted
from his deep and watery bed

Time will tell if Riley's safe
Will Fritz  save Ted from  that place
Lonely too  needs to be saved
from the house that appears depraved

Will good win out
will right appeal
will lonely escape
from this ordeal!

to be continued?

If you do not follow or view absolutely sasha you will not understnd this post, go look on last two posts on that blog especially the comments, then reread this, then it will make sense.. :)


  1. Fair fa yer honest sonsie face
    Great chieftan o the Sasha race

  2. :) Good God Dee! You must have been up all night writing this Burns poem for me !!
    HAPPY BURNS DAY! My favourites are carpet and third degree!! :) :)
    Thank you Dee! I loved this!

    1. I hate to tell you this but it took about ten minutes once I had the first verse pop into my head!
      and I prefer chinese burns ..given..not received :):)

  3. Well, I imagine the whole Sasha comunity is on pins and needles to see how this all plays out. I know I am. Your cleverness appears to have no bounds :)
    Really enjoyed

    1. Only the coming battle between Fritz and the ice queen will tell!!

  4. Magnificent poem Dee. A woman of many talents indeed!

    Fritz is already on his way down but unfortunately won't be arriving there tomorrow as hoped (hadn't realised that Saturday's Special Delivery was so much more expensive!) but on Monday.
    He is armed with his fishing net, a longer stick in case needed, a plastic water safety ring tied to a piece of rope to keep teddy's head above water... and for Lonely herself a little soft bunny for her to hug until her teddy can be rescued plus a minature Lindt chocolate teddy for a little treat snack.

    1. Fritz may well arrive tomorrow, they always try to make you pay the extra for saturday delivery but I never have and they have always turned up next day anyway! although the snow forecast may delay him til monday!

      Sounds like he is well equiped to save the day and the teddy!
      Just hope he deals with those terror tots so they do not steal her new bunny and her chocolate! She'd best keep that chocolate away from Ronny never mind them unruly tots!
      sasha love Dee

  5. Oh! Forgot to mention that 'Terrorist' jumped into the box at the very last minute in case a 'sniffer' dog was required to find and follow the scent trail to locate the where-abouts of teddy.... and naughty that Lucas.

  6. Sorry should read 'that naughty Lucas!'

    1. Good Terrorist can keep the others away while Fritz rescues Lonely's bear..and maybe he can give Ronny a nip to keep her in line..Lol

    2. Hold up! Is Fritz really on his way???????????? I thought you were just jesting!!!!!
      Does this mean I don't get to adopt Riley (Shelly's Grandson)? Did Shelly put you up to this??

    3. Yes you can start panicing!!
      Fritz is going to wup those toddlers backsides after he rescues the bear gives Lonely the chocolate and bunny then he's coming your YOU!!!


  7. Yes, he should be with you on Monday morning before
    Had hoped for him to arrive at yours on Saturday but they wanted far too much money for a special delivery on a Saturday due to it being a half day for the PO.
    BTW Shelly is totally innocent in this!

    1. Fritz as arrived Saturday , so battle's commenced we await the results....

  8. Love the poem Dee , fritz is certain to save the day come on Ronny Candy won't let me post Riley to you but you can come see him whenever you want x x

    1. Thanks Shelly.
      I'm sure Fritz is up to the task!
      and I'd keep that Ronny away from Riley until he's old enough to run!!!! :)

  9. This isn't going to end well, I can feel it in my mums corns...had to be in hers because I don't have them....but I love the poem, we should use it for the Protect Poor Lonely Campaign.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx